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Feeling God's heart for a lost generation.

Jesus often has a way of giving you His heart when you do not expect it. You become so lost in His eyes, captivated by His voice and undone by His ways that little did you know at the very same time, He was dropping pockets of His heart inside your own. Suddenly, the things that you did not want to think about—the issues that the world told you not to tackle—are now burning inside your heart as they are in His.

This is what happened to me, and as a result, I desire to see abortion ended.

“Every life is valuable and every life is worth fighting for.”

While writing on abortion for the national media a few years ago, my heart began to be gripped by God. I would observe my surroundings and know that close to half my generation was missing from the world. The question that has never lifted off is, "What was so good about me that I could live?" To this day, that is a question that I am unable to answer because every life is valuable and worth fighting for.

“For twenty five years, a generation of women have been fed a lie.”

I am thankful for the group of courageous women who have given their voice for the unborn lives this spring and who continue to do so. This past April 27th to May 10th, twenty five women embarked on a 200 km awareness walk from Montreal, QC, to the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa, ON, in an initiative called “Back to Life”. 2013 marks 25 years since all law surrounding abortion was struck down, and it is because of this silence that it is legal to abort a baby up to birth in Canada. These twenty five women who walked represented those 25 years stretching from 1988, and with them, they also brought their stories.

For an entire generation, women have been told that abortion is their advocate and their friend. They have been told that abortion will heal them, set them free and help them. They have been told that abortion is a celebration of womanhood, of independence and of progress. For 25 years, a generation of women have been fed a lie.

“Abortion hurts more than it helps.”

The stories of the women who walked, and many others, echo a testament of pain. They each hold their own experiences, and with it, their own faces and names. They have felt the slap of abortion's reality and it has marked their story.

In their eyes, I have caught the wind of something different. It is not anger nor hostility, but it is vulnerability, courage, compassion and love. In their voices, you can hear that abortion hurts more than it helps.

Despite what we at times have been told, abortions are performed at the expense of the taxpayers. It can be estimated that in the past 25 years, over $4 billion dollars has been poured out to perform abortions, and over 2.5 million babies have lost their lives. Think about that. If you let that statement soak in, it will sting.

“Jesus never destroys life, He only gives it.”

We are responsible. We are held accountable. I wonder at times if generations before and ahead will look at us and say, "How could you let that happen?" We cannot become so culturally relevant that we become deceived. Jesus never destroys life, He only gives it. He is Life.

As I watched this group of courageous women walk, I was struck by their love and humility. I was captivated by their stories and how they became pictures of redemption rather than bitterness or pain. In their vulnerability and strength, truth was spoken and freedom was offered.

As they continue to tell their stories, we can pray for them and the lives they will touch, along with countless others with stories that are still untold.

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