Testimony | Joy In Surrender


Tiffany discovers the joy in surrender and a new freedom in His presence. 

by Tiffany Kralka

My experience at Freshwind 2013 changed my life. The conference was a time of freedom and renewal. Beforehand, I had wanted more of God and desired to live wholeheartedly for Him, however, I felt held back. For example, while struggling to surrender my whole life into His hands I would get distracted during worship, and not allow myself to fully enter into His presence.

In one of the workshops a speaker taught on the ungodly vows that we declare over our lives. In the past she told herself that she would never have children, and later had to repent of this. I was reminded of the time when I was eight years old and I came to Catch The Fire. I watched as people were consumed by the Holy Spirit. I remember saying that I would never want the same experience because I found it scary and embarrassing. I then felt led to repent of this, and on the last night I asked God to overcome me with His presence.

I encountered His presence and God revealed to me what He was healing me of, while lies were broken off of me that evening. I believed that I had to prove myself by doing all things in my own strength. I thought I had to fake happiness in order for others around me to be joyful. I put the opinions of others on a pedestal in my life. His opinion of me is now what I measure other's opinions against. I have received freedom in knowing that God is excited about me, and He desires for me to enter into His presence daily.

I realize now that I had placed God in a box, as I would take control over my life, because I did not trust Him. However, after experiencing His presence, joy and freedom, I have discover that He is bigger than anything that I might encounter. Daily, I now want to voluntarily surrender all of my life to Him. I have peace in knowing that I can ask God to show me how a situation looks through His eyes rather than worry, and problems are then diminished substantially. All I desire is to spend my days in the presence of God because my goal is the Kingdom, and intimacy with Him.