Review | Touching Heaven by Leanne Hadley


Touching Heaven by Leanne Hadley
Real stories of children, life, and eternity. 

Baker Publishing Group | 2013 

The inspirational book, 'Touching Heaven', by Leanne Hadley is a compiled series of testimonies. Hadley shares with the reader her experience as a Hospital chaplain. She writes on how the many children she encountered inspired her during her time as a chaplain. Hadley offers a new perspective on what is to be expected after death, through testimonies of children experiencing the supernatural.

Hadley's compelling book is filled with examples of childlike faith. A childlike faith and understanding which inspires hope for many that have questioned eternity, due to the mystery in understanding life after death. The numerous testimonies of the children at the end of their life's journey encourages the reader to make the most of the life we are given. I was encouraged to celebrate in death, because of the certainty of God’s love for us. I was reminded that there are greater things to come beyond our life here on earth.

I was gripped by the stories of the children and their families bravery. Even when standing in the face of death, the stories revealed that the families trusted in the unfailing love of God. This book has the ability to move any individual who reads it to the brink of tears.

Like many, I have experienced the loss of a loved one. This short book provided me with a peace in knowing that even in death God never forsakes us, or even those who we love. Rather, it is His love which guides us all home. It allowed me to be thankful for the time I had with those I loved. I am able to celebrate what I did share with them in knowing that death is merely a time of “see you later” and not a time of “goodbye.”

I would recommend this book to those that have forgotten what it is like to be childlike. It teaches us as adults to remember that a child sees the world in much simpler form. I was reminded to simply trust in our heavenly Father, just as a child innately trusts in their parents that they will be taken care of.