Photo Stories | Forever Changed by a Miracle


A miraculous touch from God totally changes little Sylvia's life.

by Sarah Nudds, Catch The Fire UK

We met this beautiful girl Sylvia in Mundulu, a rural community in Kenya known as “the place with no future”.

Catch the Fire UK had the privilege of partnering with The Kenyan Children’s Project to see heaven's plans for Kenya manifest. A team of 34 passionate pursuers of the conquering love of Jesus invaded Kenya for a Catch the Fire World Changer trip in April 2013. There was high expectation and great faith to see hopeless circumstances change through God’s love, mercy and miracles. Sylvia experienced the most memorable miracle of the entire trip.

“The impact Jesus had on this land will be long-lasting and a testimony to many.”

We saw hope radically restore this place. The truth that God has called Mundulu to be a place of life and destiny was apparent for all to see. We built relationship with the community, spent time in their homes, blessing their families and their land. We took food, medical care and clothes, played countless parachute games, transformed the local school through concreting the classroom floors and painting the walls. We ended our time in Mundulu with a “Come Holy Spirit” healing party for all the locals. The impact Jesus had on this land will be long-lasting and a testimony to many.

"Many lives have been changed forever."

Little Sylvia, just 5 years old, had a horrendous case of jiggers. She was living in a tiny mud hut with her four siblings and unstable parents. The family was in desperate need. Sylvia was washed, treated for jiggers and given new clothes. But there was still something wrong. Sylvia was deaf and mute. She needed a touch from Jesus.

Some of the team gathered around her and rebuked the spirit of muteness. Sylvia was healed instantly, her ears opened and she began to speak! Though the miracle didn’t end there. Sylvia gained a supernatural understanding of language, she could communicate with her family for the first time since she was born. The headteacher and locals confirmed that little Sylvia had never heard or spoken a word before that moment. Sylvia encountered Jesus and her life will never be the same.

This is just one story in amongst many. It was such a joy to be part of it, thank you to all of the World Changer Partners who made this trip possible, many lives have been changed forever through your prayers and generosity.