Back To Life | The Power of a Story


Veronique shares her experience of how completing the 200 km Back To Life prayer walk not only changed her life but many others' too.

Several weeks ago I embarked on a journey that would mark me forever with 24 other women from across our beautiful nation of Canada. The Back To Life journey actually started months before as we started training and praying together, culminating to walk a 212 km walk from Montreal to Ottawa. The walk’s purpose was to raise awareness that there has been no law on abortion in Canada for 25 years, and also to tell the message that abortion hurts women.

Last December, I knew God was clearly calling me to go on the walk and stand in the gap, pray for mercy for our nation and support the women that have been hurt by abortion, that their voice will be heard. It was an incredible honor to walk with these women, many of whom are post-abortive. I heard their stories, witnessed their healing and saw them speak up and share their stories with politicians and the media.

“Everyday on the road was more like a walking revival meeting!”

God did so much during those two weeks of the walk. As much as the message of the walk was ‘her story’, during the actual journey from Montreal to Ottawa, everyday on the road was more like a walking revival meeting! From loud praise and worship to deep intercession and groaning, sharing the Gospel all at once.

The prophetic journey started at the Morgentaler House in Montreal, where the late Dr. Morgentaler was performing illegal abortions in the 1980’s, when he challenged the Courts on Canada’s abortion laws. In 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down all the laws on abortion, deeming them unconstitutional. Parliament was urged to debate and create a law on the point in gestation when the rights of the fetus supercede the rights of the mother. That discussion never happened.

Many Canadians are totally unaware of the fact that a baby can be aborted up to 9 months old in Canada, at taxpayers’ expense. And there we were, 25 women, representing 25 years of unrestricted abortion in Canada, praying around Morgentaler House where it all started. We took communion there and put half of the elements into the ground, declaring the land of Canada to be coming Back To Life! We had a surprise blessing there, Chief Kenny Blacksmith, founder of Gathering Nations International, was with us to bless us as we started our walk. God was affirming us before we even started!

“A group of women moved by love, compassion and their own story, all sharing a vision to see change in Canada, is truly a beautiful thing.”

Standing at a park, just before we began walking, a woman approached us and we were able to share with her what we were doing. We prayed with her after she had shared through tears of how she regretted her two abortions and had been filled with sadness and grief ever since. This is why we walked. For these women that have been carrying their pain in silence, too often filled with shame, depression and even physical problems and barrenness.

We walked about 4 hours a day for 10 days. The stories were already starting to come out. Friends, family members, strangers; all sharing their abortion stories with us because of the fact that many on the team had a similar story and were not afraid to be vulnerable. It created a safe place for many to feel comfortable sharing, and they received healing as they did. What a privilege to be part of this amazing new breed in the pro-life movement!

A group of women moved by love, compassion and their own story, all sharing a vision to see change in Canada, is truly a beautiful thing. We walked in the heat, we walked through pain, repeating to ourselves that the opposite of the spirit of abortion is completion. Some days we ran to the finish chanting, “We are the Esthers, the mighty mighty Esthers and we’ll finish strong!”

Even after seeing so many hearts changed towards life during the walk, nothing could have prepared me for what happened in Ottawa for the political part of the walk. We ended the walk on Parliament Hill, lifted our heads to the sky in praise, and a gentle and refreshing rain fell on our faces. It was incredible! I will never forget that feeling, God kissed us on our foreheads and said, “Well done.”

“It is not a message of condemnation, but a message of love, hope and healing.”

The whole walk felt like we were only partly grasping what God was doing in the spirit. We sacrificed to walk, we were committed to walking till the end and we praised and prayed right to the finish. The anointing on the strategy that God gave us was truly felt in our meetings in Ottawa. One in particular with an MP wowed me. In most meetings, a group of us sat down in an MP or Senator’s office and shared about the walk, its purpose and what we would like to see them do as lawmakers to create change. As one of the girls shared her story, the MP’s eyes swelled with tears. Then he shared his story. His whole childhood, his mother had been depressed up, until a couple years ago. He never knew why. She had had an abortion and lived with the shame and regret her whole life until she passed away. He cheered us on, Her Voice Must be Heard.

Sharing our stories even made it possible for two MP’s of different political parties to agree that something must be done, that women must be given true choices. Crisis Pregnancy Centres and adoption must become tangible choices for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Abortion can not be the only option pushed forward. Every single politician we met with was very receptive and impressed by our posture and the fresh face we were bringing to the pro-life movement. It is not a message of condemnation, but a message of love, hope and healing.

“There is such power in sharing what we’ve gone through and how God took us through it.”

The whole experience of the Back To Life walk personally brought deeper revelation of the Scripture that “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” (Revelation 12:11 NKJV) There is such power in sharing what we’ve gone through and how God took us through it. There is no argument that can stand against one’s personal story! And that’s exactly what we saw happen. The most hardened pro-choicers listened as a walker would share her own story. The amazing part is that most times, the conversation would end like this, “Wow, I’ve only ever seen this issue from one angle, but you’ve shown me the other side. I think I’ve changed my mind about abortion!” Incredible.

Her voice IS being heard.

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