Review | You're Made for a God-Sized Dream by Holley Gerth


You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream by Holley Gerth
Opening the Door to All God has for You
Revell | 2013

Holley Gerth is a life-coach among other roles she fulfils, and that comes across implicitly and explicitly through her practical tips in this book about learning how to dream, how to pursue those dreams, and what to do when there are challenges and disappointments.

Having taken up the challenge last year of listing 100 dreams and only making it to 41, I realized dreaming is often not as easy as we sometimes make it out to be. On one end of the spectrum it can be viewed negatively and labeled as being flaky. On the other end it can just seem too big and vague, so we’re not really sure what it means to dream or how to. This very down-to-earth, practical book removes both the flakiness and the vastness of dreaming, making the pursuit of our dreams attainable. It deals effectively with both the mystery and the lies that can prevent us from even allowing ourselves to dream. I believe even the most left-brained of readers will find themselves dreaming with God by using the practical steps and ‘going deeper’ questions included in each chapter. In addition to envisioning and equipping the reader, this book also provides tools and teaching for encouraging others in their dreams and destiny.

Her writing style is as a friend chatting to another, which balances the practical nature of much of the book. The book includes touches such as encouraging ‘letters’ which will appeal to those who appreciate a more heart-to-heart style of writing. Real life examples and testimonies draw the reader in, allowing me to connect in a real way with the teaching. 

Even with the practical feel however, the book never becomes about doing any of it in our own strength. Though the book manages to equip you with practical steps, the reader is focused on God being at the centre of all – even more so if you use some of the ‘Go Deeper Guide’ as journal questions to ask of God rather than answer them yourself.

This is a book that will envision, encourage and empower, and it touches both heart and mind.
Whether it’s for personal use or a group study, it is a great tool for women (and yes, everything from the font, to the cute ‘letters’, the cover, and to the real life examples used makes this a woman’s book, although the principles apply to men as well) - not just to read through but to keep, use and return to.