Testimony | Finding The Way Back


Katherine's story of how she is battling amnesia and has rediscovered God through it.

by Katherine Thompson, U.K.

I am a Christian 28, years old, and I became a Christian when I was 19 years old. I have been involved with my church for many years, running the youth work, writing my own Bible plans and setting up a youth band as well as being the drummer in the worship group, being involved with evangelism and running local missions. I love my Christian walk and my church.

Tragically, on 22nd July 2010, I lost my memory. I have retrograde amnesia. I forgot everything from ages 0 and onward. I did not know who my family and friends were. I didn’t even know who I was. I knew nothing of my church, the youth group or the Bible. It had all left my memory. Certain abilities remained, and though I knew how to drive a car, I had no road etiquette. I knew how to read and write, but didn't know what shampoo and conditioner were, let alone how one uses them. I lost all memory of God and who He was; everything. I went from being a strong Christian to someone who had no concept of God. I couldn't even regard the concept of God as something believable.

In the past two and a half years living with amnesia, I have been in an abusive relationship. I struggled with alcoholism, depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. I have become friends with people involved with the occult, and become very confused as to what and who God is. I have fought my way through to develop a life, still struggling at times due to the memory loss.

“Jesus walks beside me every step of the way, drenching me in love and hope.”

I have also come to find God once again. I have begun to recognize and see His hand in my life. The day I decided I would give prayer a go was the day a friend asked me to pray for her, so I did. I started by saying, “God if you are there, and real, then you know my friend, and though I do not believe in you, she does; so hear my prayer for her.” I prayed for about 30 minutes, before I suddenly found myself seeing a lady sitting beside a cabin, looking out at a mountain. There was a figure standing beside her, reassuring her that he was there. Nervously, I let my friend know what I had seen, to find out that was just what she was doing, what she could see, and exactly what she needed to hear. I have to admit, I was astounded; and it still took me some time to figure out this walk with God.

Now I am in church weekly, drumming in the worship group, praying and declaring that God is good and He never leaves you. In fact, you could completely wipe out all memory of Him and He would still be there, lovingly awaiting your hand to be stretched out towards Him.

“God will never leave you.”

I am in alcohol recovery, walking a road of freedom, and the keys to this freedom are Jesus Christ. Yes, I suffer with depression, and yes, at times my suicidal thinking is a problem for me, but I am never alone in it. Jesus walks beside me every step of the way, drenching me in love and hope.

I am starting up a project of getting my story out to others; my story of living with addictions, depression and amnesia. But all glory goes to God. No matter how hopeless you think life is or what you have thought about God; whether you are a Christian struggling with mental health issues or a non-Christian unable to believe in the concept of God, none of it changes the foundational truth of who God is. This is what I have learnt through my whole experience. It doesn’t matter what you do, how lost you feel or how forgotten you believe you are, God will never leave you.