Heart 11 | From Shame to Honour


We have been created for freedom and we have been crafted for love. Therefore shame and or guilt does not belong to us, nor are we to live out of flaut. Shame is a tool the enemy uses to keep us from receiving the fullness that God has for us. As children of God we have already been made new; it was not by our own work but through the suffering of Jesus. Jesus willingly took on our shame and guilt, so that we would not have to live with the burden upon our own shoulders. Through the eyes of grace our God looks upon us in delight and pure joy. He is satisfied with who we are, yet interested in also taking us higher. This week’s title was “Shame and Honour.”

The kingdom itself is a culture of honour and it is God’s desire to reveal to us how to be stewards who cultivate honour. In order to give honour we first must receive it. Therefore, receiving the honor begins with firstly removing shame.

I was not entirely sure of what to expect when I sat in on the first day of teaching for this week. I was not even too sure about what the week would consist of. However, I was surprised by the work Holy Spirit began to do in my heart even within the first hour. What I had heard was not utterly new however, it did bring affirmation to my heart. I was captivated by the intimacy that Holy Spirit was pouring out throughout the room and I was interested in drawing closer. I was surprised by the pictures that Holy Spirit began to reveal to me throughout the lessons. He was pinpointing specific moments in my life where shame was evident.

Without hesitation I responded to what God was wanting to do within in me. Holy Spirit released freedom over my life, and I began to recognize where I had limited myself from receiving His fullness in the past due to shame and or guilt. At first glance, the images Holy Spirit began to reveal to me in my mind I would of not thought them to link to shame. I was taken aback by how the simple and even littlest incidents could lead to shame settling on my heart.

The room was still as Holy Spirit began to reveal to various people areas within their own hearts where shame has kept them in bondage. Shame is not what we are to live under. Shame is a blanket which covers you and keeps you refrained from going higher into what He has for you. Why not chose to say yes to freedom and step into all that He has for you to receive. God gazes upon our hearts in delight and chooses to honour us for who we are.