Advance 11 | Healing the Cluttered Heart


Throughout our lives, one may have come into agreement with lies that once were perceived as truth. Our hearts are the center of where all things flow from, and what we believe within our hearts will be manifested through us. How we live and what we perceive is linked to our hearts' beliefs just as Matthew 15:19 states, “But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart.” (NIV). Therefore, God is interested in mending our hearts back to the original state He had intended them to be. With our permission, God is able to heal what we have come incorrectly into agreement with through our own way of thinking. This week was a time of swiping away the unnecessary dust and dirt from our hearts, allowing God to remove what had been a distraction and hinderance to His love.

The offenses we hold in our heart can affect how we interact and even perceive certain situations. Until we discover the root of any negative fruit in our lives, we live simply out of old habits and perceptions that we have become prone too. Being able to discover the root comes through a manifestation of a negative fruit. In other words, listening to your thoughts and asking yourself, “Why I am thinking this?” Our own thoughts can determine what dust and clutter we are still carrying within our hearts and Holy Spirit is who we can depend on. God is outside of time, and we can rely on Holy Spirit to reveal to us a specific memory when the offense was first made within our heart. Through the offense we can either form inner vows or ungodly beliefs. However, God is fully able to transform our “old” way of thinking and awaken our hearts back to life through His love.

Throughout the class the importance of forgiveness was often mentioned. I was reminded of how and why forgiveness is key to begin the process of inventory within our hearts. The offenses we carry are based on a judgments that we have made. Therefore, through repentance and forgiveness a freedom is released. Holy Spirit, however, began to challenge me with a thought He had brought to my attention. The thought was not entirely linked or relevant to what was being discussed throughout the two days. I was reminded of Proverbs 19:11 which states, “Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.” (NIV). I began to wonder, “Am I in a place where offense does not even cross my heart because His love, which covers a multitude of sin, is so immersed within me?”

I was surprised to even discover that I began to understand 1 Peter 4:8 differently, “His love covers a multitude of sins." It is His love that causes His heart to not hold offenses, and therefore sin is immediately unseen. I desire to be in a place where forgiveness won’t even be necessary. In other words, for my heart to be knit as one with His, so sin against myself or another won’t bring an offense but rather lead me to love. This week why not ask Holy Spirit how you can love like our Father who is not offended by our weakness or sin?