Heart 10 | An Increased Passion


What are you passionate about?

Passion increases as you begin to remember the goal set before you. Jesus is to be our primary focus in all that we do, given that He is our everlasting hope. In order to live in perspective, it begins with asking yourself the question, “What am I called to do?” I have often been a dreamer, I dreamt about my future, and what I hoped to see happen in my life. However, it was difficult for me to structure into one or two sentences what I wanted to do. Holy Spirit is always helpful, He is our guide, and therefore I simply began to tune into what He was wanting to reveal to me.

The previous week Holy Spirit had been preparing me for this particular week. He had been tugging on my heart and asked, “Marysa what are your dreams, what are your desires, what makes you come alive?” I would pause and begin to list various things which came to mind. Holy Spirit brought clarity to my mind and awakened in my heart a new vision for my goals.

Gordon Harris, who taught the lessons throughout the week along with other School of Ministry staff members, continually mentioned the importance of living with a goal set in mind. Without a goal we can easily become discouraged. When we live with a motive in our heart, passion can increase within us, causing us to be unstoppable.

This week revealed to me the importance of sharing our heart with Father and revealing to Him what we desire to do. He has placed specific desires within each of His children with a purpose and plan. He takes delight in our passions.

Regardless of what we do, God desires to use us to advance His kingdom, to shine and to be salt to this world. Therefore, if we chose to say yes to the plans and purposes He has called us to do, we will discover the creative ways He wants to partner with us.

Typically there have been moments in my life when I have questioned my dreams, because I was looking through my own lens rather than His. We often hear, all things are possible through Him, and this is the truth. God is asking us to take the steps forward in making a decision. Through the steps we take He will provide and lead us into our goal.

I was reminded, I am to be faithful even within the small things, although our present circumstances may not appear as what we had imagined God knows exactly what He is doing just as Ephesians 1:5 states, “He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasures and will.” (NIV).