Testimony | On My Knees


Living in Obedience to Him Leads to a New Awakening

By Mark Parsons

My family had been longing to step out in faith somewhere, but we didn’t know where or what we would end up doing. In 2003, my family and I left Canada, after God opened a way for us to go to Honolulu. We sold our house, packed up what we could and headed for Hawaii. I had remembered a crazy dream about going to there, and then on to China – but never imagined going to that distant place.

In Honolulu, we served with Youth With A Mission – but it was a humbling experience. After living in a ‘base house’ with so many people, and being told what to do by someone half my age, I was ready to give up. But then, I had another crazy dream.

I saw myself walking on my knees, up the gravel pathway at the YWAM base. I felt a lot of pain and was wondering why I was walking in this strange way. When I awoke, it immediately came to mind that God wanted me to be on my knees and to live a humble life. If I really was serious about going wherever and doing whatever He wanted me to do, then I could only do it on my knees.

God began to change my heart. The pleasures that I had once been accustomed to and the conveniences I used to enjoy seemed like chaff to me, and I was willing for it to lift off me. Soon, a door did open for us to go to China. We went and set up a house in a large city. There, the lives of missionaries like Hudson Taylor, Gladys Aylward and Jonathan Goforth were made real to us. We saw that everything in life before we got to China was a mere stepping stone. In fact, we felt like we had never really began to live until we came to China. We were then both ready to live and die in that place. The harvest of the Lord was ripe all around us. Although it was overwhelming at times, we loved being in the midst of a great revival in China. We saw the Holy Spirit move in hearts and transform lives, and we were honored to help our new brothers and sisters in the the early days of their new walk with the Lord.

After 4 years there, God moved us on to Thailand where it was very different spiritually. The were few new Christians and the majority of people resisted the work of the Holy Spirit. Often I questioned why God had called us to Asia, and He said, “To be a light in a dark place.” We have, however, seen that Thailand is full of soul winning.

Though we came to Thailand almost 5 years ago, we are still learning something from Him that we weren't prepared for. Initially, it was our impression to take in orphaned children. I believe God has given us a ministry of rescuing and loving those who would have otherwise been aborted. So far, we have permanently taken in three orphans who I am convinced were not aborted because we were willing to love them. These three boys are miracles, we believe He wants to use them as examples to the world for abortions to stop.

It is estimated that Thailand has about one million children at risk – many of whom are orphans in one way or another. God really, really cares about orphans. They have a special place in His heart. What if we didn’t want these children? Then we would be no different from the world and its spirit of abortion. God wants us to be both available and willing – to break the chain of abortions, both here and in the world.

We believe God has us in Asia for the ‘long haul’ and that the revival in China will spread throughout the rest of Asia, and then back to Jerusalem. Thailand, as it has been prophesied, will be the first country that the revival in China will ‘spill into’. More Chinese are coming to Thailand - it is like a kind of 'Chinese Tourist Invasion' because the country is nearby and very inexpensive for them. When the Chinese arrive, they love the freedom and want to live permanently in Thailand. At the same time, the underground church in China has committed to sending out one million missionaries into Asia, all the way back to Jerusalem. This is a known fact, with the hope that Thailand will become the training ground for this purpose. Perhaps we are going to be very busy in Thailand over these next few years! We dream of opening our small house to show hospitality to these Chinese workers. Please join us in praying that our house can be like a kind of 'Middle Eden'!

People noticed how our family would so give our time to the Chinese people - in a way that the government would see it as 'corrupting' their people away from atheism and communism. This was exactly what we had hoped to do against Satan's kingdom! So I have 'adopted' that word and hope to forever more now 'corrupt' people for God.

Maybe this is something that we all need to get a hold of. Perhaps we should make it our business to go out and corrupt someone for God and ruin them for this world.

By Mark Parsons