Heart 9 | Authentic Identity


Discovering what God has to say about who you are can transform your life. As you begin to hear the heartbeat of Father, the fullness of your identity and what He has called you to do can finally be recognized. Understanding our identity increases our ability to receive His love, and to therefore love Him in return as well. This week's teaching was on identity taught by Rick D’Orazio who brought us on a journey of discovering who He says we are. Holy Spirit personally revealed to my heart areas where I was believing lies which prevented me from living in the fullness. God has designed and crafted us to live in partnership with Him just as Jesus Himself lived in relationship with God. Love is what we were made for, and we were uniquely knit together in our mother’s womb created for a specific destiny.

This week, Holy Spirit removed the false perspective I was living under. I had been living in false humility, afraid of being noticed, in order to prevent myself from being seen. However, we were not made to hide from the world, rather we are to be salt and light. I began to recognize area’s in my heart where I came in agreement with the lie which told me I had to be quite and or unseen. I gently heard the whisper of Father and He began to remove the fear, insecurity and doubt from my heart through His words of affirmation. His truth now overpowers any lie, I am a child to the king of kings and joyfully I can say He takes delight in me. I am accepted just as I am and I can therefore freely live without the fear of man biting at my ear.

Throughout the week, Rick encouraged certain students to join him in the front of the auditorium where there was a large mirror. Students were to stand in front of the mirror and state what they saw. Tears would stream down their faces while they began to speak out loud what they believed to be true. Afterwards, Rick spoke truth over the student, and again tears began to fill their eyes. He then invited other students to come forward and speak over the student what they saw. Encouragement and love began to fill the room while Holy Spirit washed away insecurities and lies.

This week allowed Holy Spirit to complete what God had begun to start within me even a few years ago. I can live knowing within my heart my true identity. We are seated with our Father in Heavenly place; we can therefore rest in Him at all times and confidently walk out what He has called us to do. This week remember to love yourself just as He sees you, and that is perfect.