Advance 9 | The Kingdom of God


What is the kingdom of God? When you think of “the kingdom” do you imagine the throne room of God? Or perhaps certain words may come to mind like, “domain” and “power”. With this being said, when I was first asked the question, Thursday afternoon, I began to wonder, do I actually know what the kingdom of God is? I asked Holy Spirit to reveal to me what His thoughts were, and I shortly realized the majestic power of our God.

My definition and thoughts on what the Kingdom of God initially was has greatly expanded for the better. The authority that we have all been given as children of God paints for us a picture of even the grace and mercy of our Father. We have been created to rule and reign, in other words, we are to manifest the kingdom of God through pouring out what is on the inside of you and I. Through the resurrection of Christ Jesus, we now have access to the kingdom and can freely say we are seated with God in heavenly places. Therefore just as we have freely received (the kingdom) we can freely give.

This week Holy Spirit has been challenging me on learning how to take responsibility over my choices and decisions. In every circumstance and in every situation we have the ability to make a decision. God has given us the gift of choice, and based on how we respond our faith can either increase or decrease. Perseverance and perspective are key when making a decision. Our Father is faithful, and so we can trust that He is interested in partnering with us. The choice that we make is the one God already knows we will decide however, He still willingly encourages us to take a hold of our ability to do so. He sees our heart and wants to know if we can be faithful to him in every choice that we make. Our faithfulness in the little reveals to His heart if we can be trusted with the more.

In relation to the kingdom, we have a choice to make - will you decide to take the kingdom wherever you go? Or will you choose to blend into your environment rather than take charge in bringing the kingdom to shift your environment. In order to advance His kingdom we must be willing to live aware of what we carry. Through the awareness of His kingdom we can therefore manifest God’s glory.

To answer the first initial question, what is the kingdom of God? God’s domain that lives on the inside of us that has a culture of values, morals and principles manifested through us to bring influence, growth and multiplication based on our purpose and design. Why not ask yourself this week, am I using every opportunity to manifest his kingdom wherever I step foot? Just as 1 Corinthians 4:20 states “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power” (NIV).