Review | Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson


Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson
Discovering and enjoying what God can do through you.
Bethany House | January 2013

The subtitle describes perfectly the focus and purpose of this book: “Discovering and enjoying what God can do through you”. It’s intended for both personal and group use and from the beginning I will say that with its chapter-by-chapter study guide, this isn’t a book for a TTC ride, filling time or falling asleep with. This is a book to linger over rather than to plough through; to curl up with, armed with Bible and journal while enjoying a hot drink and some especially set-aside 'date with Jesus' time.

Larson takes the reader on a step-by-step journey from embracing our identity, purpose and calling. She moves through the things that hold us back from fulfilling and enjoying our purpose, leading into how we go about stepping into our calling and finishing strong. It is both an envisioning and a ‘how to’ which includes ministry steps for overcoming common hindrances. It is organised into chapters that begin with teaching, then moves into Bible study, and discussion questions. These are intended for group use but I found that - for the most part - the questions can easily be flipped around and asked of God as journaling questions. It can be ideal for a longer quiet time when you want that great combination of logos and rhema; the written and the revealed word.

Not only did I enjoy the structure of the book and the way the study opened up some sweet personal devotional times, but I also liked Susie Larson’s combination of Bible-based teaching and personal experience/testimony. Also, the references to other authors including heroes of the faith such as Mueller, and contemporary authors A W Tozer and Bruce Wilkinson. She freely shares her own experiences (triumphs and shortcomings) and uses not just extreme examples, but the everyday that are easy to connect with and relate to. Topics and examples she touches on include ill health, financial worries, ministry, family, disappointment, being overlooked and those classics that seems to affect more women than I think care to admit to it – jealousy and inferiority. Her willingness to share her own journal entries inspired and spoke to me, as I read I was provoked to remember and celebrate things God has already done in my own life. There are some great quotes that from chapter one began to hit my social media page and I can testify that this book facilitated a ‘going deeper’ for me.

I’d be interested in checking out the companion DVD for a cell group situation. I feel confident in saying that although some things in here are basic truths and maybe don’t seem so revolutionary at first reading, you definitely won’t regret buying this book or setting the time aside to linger on each chapter and the corresponding study.