Advance 8 | A Great Cloud of Witnesses


How can you be made ready and prepared for what has yet to come? 

What God has already begun to do in the past has birthed inside of me a deeper hunger and excitement to know of the “more”. We can trust that God will always complete what He has started, and therefore what has occurred in the past is the start of what has yet to come. Personally, what I find fascinating is how Holy Spirit continually shifts and impacts the hearts of man. Holy Spirit does not seize to impact what may appear impossible to reach based on how we may perceive things. This week we learnt about church history and received what I can say to be an overload yet useful amount of information. History has always been an interest to me so the lessons were not difficult to follow. Gerry Plunkett at the start of the class repetitively mentioned that history is simply stories of past events that we are now reciting. He wanted to make sure that we did not find ourselves overcomplicating what history is, based on our own assumptions.

This week could have easily been a time of simply listening to the reciting of stories and receiving new head knowledge. However, Holy Spirit brought inspiration and encouragement to my heart as well. While listening to the various stories being told, I found my spirit being stirred to make a difference in this world. Even recently, God has placed on my heart the desire to impact this world. I do not want to simply do what is good for myself, rather my desire is to be used by God as a vessel for the advancement of His kingdom. Holy Spirit has been fanning the flame on the inside of me and I feel motivated to even begin to make the difference now. My heart is to not simply focus on how I can make a difference tomorrow, or in the years to come, but how can we make a difference today? “Be the difference” is often a cliche term that we hear however, there is truth in this statement. God has called us to be salt and light in this world. Therefore, Holy Spirit has been challenging me to daily step out and make the effort to demonstrate who Christ is to every individual I encounter. I recall listening to Gerry mention a list of various names and people who have impacted this world and been apart of changing church history. I believe we all have been given the opportunity to partner with Father in allowing Holy Spirit to freely move through us and among us.

God is continually doing a new thing, and I therefore want to be in tune and aligned with His heart. I want to be made ready and prepared for what has yet to come. Our primary goal is fall in love with Jesus and through the place of intimacy encourage hearts to do the same. I encourage you this week to ask Holy Spirit how your dreams can make a difference in this world for His Kingdom. Why not take the risk of stepping out this week and reveal to those around you who He is through a demonstration of love, and remember in all that you do you move His heart?