Heart 8 | The Life of Jesus


Living to demonstrate who He is through following His leading first. 

Can you begin to picture yourself walking physically alongside Jesus, just as His disciples did while He lived here on earth? I could only imagine the beauty He carried and the way He shifted the atmesphere once He entered a room. This week revealed to me the reality of His life and the journey Jesus walked while here on earth. The week was titled “The Life of Jesus” and we had the opportunity of diving in deeper into the stories of Jesus. We studied the life He lived which included the struggles and difficult circumstances He faced.

Although this week was mainly focused on the historical background of Jesus, while learning about the environment of Israel I discovered the reality that Jesus came across daily. There were rulers and people of authority who hated Him, yet He still overcame. Holy Spirit revealed to me a clearer picture on how we are to follow the example of Jesus. He walked in humility, and did all things in meekness. It was not His goal to be seen, rather He desired for His Father to be recognized through Him and given the glory in the miracles He performed.

Jesus demonstrates true humility, given that God Himself chose to live as a man who would walk the earth. A new hunger had been stirred up inside of me for more of Him; a hunger for intimacy to encounter and know His heart. Holy Spirit revealed to me that as I pray, “Jesus make me more like you,” it first begins with seeking Him wholeheartedly. As we sit at His feet and listen to His word, we grow and walk in the likeness of Him.

By the end of the week I found myself in awe of His beauty; my heart longs for nothing more than to know Him. Why not ask Holy Spirit this week to reveal to your a heart a new glimpse of His beauty, and a greater hunger to know His heart?