Review | The Marriage of Your Dreams by Rick Johnson


The Marriage of Your Dreams by Rick Johnson 

A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Her Man
October 2012 | Revel

Rick Johnson skillfully writes specifically to married women in an attempt to help them better understand their husbands.The book has solid teaching intermingled with stories of real life couples.

Subjects such as how a man communicates, his need for respect and admiration, how his work affects him, how his relationship with his mother and father affect him, what men tend to desire in a wife, his sexuality and how to help men get in touch with their emotions are all topics the author covers.

I found helpful hints on how to understand my husband better and how to open up greater communication between us. I also appreciated learning more about the differences between men and women, and gaining greater understanding can help me better relate to my husband in every area of our marriage. For example, a man's need for respect from his wife is very important for him to be able to gain greater confidence outside of the home, including in his workplace. In other words, if a man's own wife does not believe in him, it is hard for others to believe in him.

I would recommend this book to other married women seeking to help enhance their marriage and better unravel the mystery of the male mind.