Heart 7 | Physical Healing


Jesus lived His life laying hands on the sick, and by doing so brought healing to the those who He encountered throughout His day. He has commissioned us to do the same so that hearts may be drawn to know the Father. We have been given the same Spirit who Jesus walked with, who now lives on the inside of each of us. This week Steve Long spoke on physical healing, and the power of Holy Spirit. Steve spoke to the students on the authority that Jesus walked in, which is the same authority we have been given as well.

I continually find myself enjoying the partnership we have with Holy Spirit. Therefore, the activations which took place throughout the week I enjoyed - the “hands on” opportunities we had to pray for those among us who were in need of physical healing. Students were healed of various physical problems such as, back pain and stomach aches, increasing my level of faith and expectancy. Jesus, and even His disciples, willingly walked in compassion, healing the sick who they encountered. This week I was encouraged by the several opportunities we had waiting for us daily, and so we can partner with Jesus in bringing healing to the sick. 

Various particle tips were shared with us throughout the week, which personally challenged me. A new willingness became awakened in me, and I was led to remember that Jesus is who we primarily need to look to. Jesus did all things in love, and love is what we are called to walk in. While praying for those who are in need of a healing, why not ask Holy Spirit to lead you in compassion, and love? Ask that their heart knows the reality of our Father, who is love.

We have already received our fullfilled healing through the death and resurrection of Jesus, therefore we can pray with authority, knowing that the healing already belongs to those who we are praying for, and / or even for ourselves. Why not ask Holy Spirit to lead you this week in compassion to lay hands upon someone who may need a healing touch from Jesus?