Advance 7 | Words that Inject Life


We are to be led by His truth which produces in us a righteousness and a pure heart. Matthew 4:4 states, "Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” His word provides our spirits with the food we need to sustain us throughout our day. God alone can truly satisfy. Within each and every one of our hearts we have a need to know God, and to receive His love. In order to begin our journey on discovering more of who He is, why not invest our time in unlocking the hidden treasures within the Bible?

Personally, throughout my journey and walk with God, in the past I would struggle with reading His word. I'd invest my time in soaking, journaling and yet I was not pursuing what He had written for you and I to walk in. I recall reading specific parts within the Bible which brought life throughout a challenging season. I was able to find the answers of how to respond within a certain situation through reading His word and allowing Holy Spirit to write it upon my heart. However, at times I still found myself feeling unmotivated to pick up the Bible and read. Holy Spirit then began to transform my view and take on the word. I asked Him to read along with me, to reveal to my heart how I can practically take what I was reading, and become a 'doer' of the word.

The Bible came alive to me as I realized the fellowship and quality time you are able to share with Holy Spirit when reading His word. Through partnering with Holy Spirit life began to be produced in me, in a new way that I had not experienced before. My hunger for the word has now only increased. I am hungry to receive my daily bread and fresh manna which is received through diving into the word, and fellowship with Holy Spirit.

This week was titled “Words that Inject Life” taught by Gordon Harris. We learnt practical tools on how to interpret the word. My interest was held throughout the classes, as Holy Spirit even began to reveal to my heart a new hunger for His word. I would often simply search the word, and not necessarily pay attention to the context, which surrounded what I was reading.

I was challenged this week to ask more questions while reading the Bible. Often, I would simply glance over what I did not understand however, this week I learnt that by doing so, I may be missing what God had wanted to reveal to me through even the formatting, and or wording. God is the ultimate creator therefore, all creativity primarily comes from Him. The Bible itself is crafted and put together in a way which reflects the creativity of our Father. The literature within the Bible at times is poetically written, and draws us to search, and seek after what He is wanting to reveal to our hearts. In Proverbs 8 wisdom is referred to as a woman, who is more precious than any jewel. God desires for us to seek after His heart, and even wisdom as well, by doing so we will receive what we search for, this is His promise to us.

Experiences and feelings will not be enough to sustain us. Developing our foundation begins with seeking first His kingdom which includes reading His word. Why not ask yourself this week, how can you develop within your inner man a daily passion and hunger for His word?