Heart 6 | Standing in Agreement


We have been given the opportunity to partner with Jesus, and to invite the kingdom of Heaven to come for His will to be done. Prayer is a means of communicating with the heart of our Father, through coming into agreement with the desires of His heart. We have been given the authority to breath His life over a circumstance, or situation through the words that we proclaim. This week Patricia Bootsma taught the SoM community about the heart of prayer and intercession. Often these topics can be pushed aside since they do not necessarily appear to be exciting. However, I believe that prayer and intercession allows our hearts to grow in unity with our Father. We begin to seek after what He desires to speak while connecting with His thoughts over a situation, person and / or circumstance.

"Our Father is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."

I was encouraged throughout the lessons to keep pursuing the One thing and His name is Jesus. Patricia mentioned the importance of cultivating an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus. In order to remain passionate we must be willing to pursue Him daily. I was reminded of the “fresh bread” waiting to be eaten each morning. Fresh bread refers to the new revelations He has for us through reading His word and seeking first His kingdom diligently. 

"We have been given the authority to invite His kingdom to come."

This week Holy Spirit began to awaken in me the authority that I have been given through Jesus. Patricia had asked the students to line up while the House of Prayer team imparted and laid hands on each of the students. I began to feel a burning sensation rush throughout my body, drawing me to step into what Holy Spirit was doing. I began to pray and ask Father for a deeper hunger for His word, and a greater understanding so that I may know Him more. I noticed my heart crying out for more because I was hungry to receive. Our Father is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. As we chose to position ourselves in surrender He will respond given that He has already invited us into His kingdom.

Holy Spirit began to mark me and I believe a seal was placed upon my heart that brought transformation. I had a vision which revealed to me the inheritance I had been given through my citizenship in Heaven. I heard Holy Spirit clearly state, "Walk in your inheritance now and no longer in fear.” There was a shift that took place within my heart which released for me the beginning of a greater breakthrough. We have been given the authority to invite His kingdom to come. 

Why not invite Holy Spirit to reveal to you this week an even greater revelation on the authority you have freely been given through Jesus? How can you then use the authority for the advancement of His kingdom?