Advance 6 | Knowing God


The character and nature of God is not something we can simply grasp and or understand after reading through a list of characteristics, and or experiencing a "taste" of Him for ourselves. Who God is goes beyond our own understanding. He cannot simply be modeled into a particular shape and or person. However, we were created to live in partnership with Him. God created us to be in relationship with us, an intimate relationship, where our hearts are one with Him. Therefore, God does not distance Himself from us, He chooses to relate to our hearts and personally knows all His children. God who desires to be with us created us for His delight therefore, until we are standing face to face with Him we can daily search for new revelations of who He is. We were made to know Him.

This week Andrew Fountain spoke on the character and nature of God. I was looking forward to hearing what insightful and useful information he had to share. While listening engaged and eager to know more I found myself in awe of who God is. Not only this week, but during the past few weeks Holy Spirit has been revealing to me the majesty and wonder of who God is.I have found myself longing to discover more of who He is with a hunger that increases daily. God responds to our seeking, He is already waiting with an outstretched hand patiently for us to grab ahold. Holy Spirit has been challenging me to continue to seek wholeheartedly.

There is more to discover that we have simply tasted a glimpse of. If I am wanting more than I am not to seek after His heart.This week revealed to my heart the “more” that has still yet to be discovered of God. As we begin to discover and realize more of more who God is we as well, begin to become more of who is on the inside of us. Partnership is key in our relationship with God. If you were to look through the Old Testament Holy Spirit, has been speaking to me on the relationship that was shared between man and God. God spoke clearly to the individuals hearts and knew who they were and what He had planned for them to do even before they thought anything of themselves.

We are to walk in unity and partnership with Him. This week Holy Spirit has been tugging on my heart reminding me to live with an open heart towards our Father. He is interested in who we are. The hunger and interest you have for God stems from the hunger and interest He continually has for us. It is through intimacy that we can come to know the heart of our Father. I encourage you this week to hold to the truth and to remember that God is with you. He has not forsaken you. How can you know God? Seek diligently all of who He is.