Testimony | Healed Over Webstream


Angel Thomas experiences within her own room the power of God's healing touch. 

During the Friday night service at Catch The Fire, aired live on the Internet January 18th 2013, I received a healing as an internet attendee. My only connection to the body of Christ is through the Internet and therefore I enjoy tuning in through the web-stream for the Come Holy Spirit meeting on Friday evenings.

I had been battling severe asthma, lung, ear and sinus infections for two to three months. I was therefore consuming two strong rounds of four antibiotics and two nebuliser lung treatments. However, the symptoms had continued and I felt as though there was rotting taking place in my lungs. Breathing became difficult and I was continually conscious of the labor it required.

While listening to the worship Friday evening, I had noticed that I was no longer laboring; I was capable of singing, and breathing was an easy task. I was lost in worship with my eyes closed, as I opened them I noticed a cloudiness in the room I had never seen before. I waited for my eyes to focus, yet it was still here within my own room. Joy began to spring up within me and the pain disappeared while there was a weighty presence in the room.