Testimony | Contending for the Promise


Expectation, faith and prayer leads to cancer free results from doctors in Jackie's life. 

By Jackie Banas 

In September of 2012, my husband and I were actively seeking to get pregnant and so I was monitoring the signs of fertility. This is when I found a small growth coming out of my cervix. After a trip to the emergency room and a referral to a gynecologist, it was explained to me that it was a polyp that could be removed with a simple day surgery, which we scheduled for October. A few days before the surgery, my gyno called me back to her office for a chat. She asked me to bring someone with me, so I knew that she didn’t view this as good news.

When we arrived, she advised me that the tissue sample that had been taken originally, although having been tested and found negative for cancer the first time, was sent for a second test because someone didn’t like the look of it, and the second and third set of tests confirmed that it was a rare form of uterine cancer, found mostly in menopausal women. Well, this is when the real fun began.

“I began my journey to truth with God.”

I knew that I had a promise from God that I would give birth to more children, and He was calling me to stand firm on that promise. I was referred to a cancer specialist at Princess Margaret Hospital who proceeded to tell me she felt it extremely important I agree to let her remove my entire uterus and ovaries. It hadn’t been confirmed, however, that the cancer was anywhere other than in this polyp, which I had now been informed was approximately 6 inches in length according to an ultrasound, MRI and CT scan. I told the specialist that I would not be having the surgery, and I began my journey to truth with God.

“God said that this was an opportunity to use the new faith I had been given, instead of walking in fear.”

One night while I was in bed, I asked Holy Spirit for a scripture to encourage and equip me. I was led to read Revelations 12. I had never read any of Revelations before, so, it amazed me that the story had so many similarities to what I had experienced in the past two years. My only son was born in 2011, and I lost so much blood during the birth that the doctors were worried about me and at the time, the hospital felt my son had some health concerns as well. I had also lost two babies in the past year, one to an ectopic pregnancy that required surgical removal and one just didn’t implant properly. Both times, God promised me that I would have more babies. I felt God was saying that Satan had gone to war against my offspring, just like in Revelations 12. Having read that passage several times over, verse 11 really stood out for me.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” (Revelation 12:11 NKJV)

In that passage, God had given me the strategy to defeat this attack. He then highlighted many other scriptures which I put up on separate pieces of paper all around my house and I read them out loud to myself. God spoke to me and gave me a dream in which He suggested that I decline from any medical treatment for the cancer of any kind, so that when I am healed, I will know without a doubt it was Him. I had been praying for an increase in faith for years and now God said that this was an opportunity to use the new faith I had been given, instead of walking in fear. One of the things I had previously struggled with was unbelief. I often questioned whether God was real, whether Jesus was really alive and whether people could really be healed.

“I chose to believe that Jesus was real and I could trust the Bible word for word.”

So putting Revelations 12:11 into action, I had the “blood of the Lamb” part covered because I am a Christian. Having the scriptures up in my house to read aloud daily was the second part, the “word of His testimony.” But the last step was really important. Even though I was afraid that I might die if I declined any medical treatment, “not loving my life, even unto death”, was so key. I chose to believe that Jesus was real and I could trust the Bible word for word. By His stripes I had been healed.
A vision I had confirmed to me that the demon causing the cancer had been cast out by Jesus, but the polyp was another matter. I knew it didn’t belong in me. So, standing in faith, I reached in as far as I could and tore out as much as I was able to. Only a small chunk about 1 cm in diameter actually came out, and so I took it to the gynecologist for testing. I could still feel the rest of the polyp with my finger so I kept praying and believing that I had been healed.

A few weeks later when I went to a follow up appointment with my new doctor, one that wanted to speak to me about having surgery to remove the polyp. Only, instead of my full uterus, they did an internal exam and couldn’t see the polyp any further. They did more tests and confirmed, the entire 6 inch tumour had completely disappeared. It was so funny because the doctor kept going back to the initial reports and saying, “How big was it to begin with? 6 inches? Where did it just go?”

“Jesus healed me”, I answered.

The next day, I got a call that the biopsy had come back for the chunk I had ripped out. The result? NO CANCER.

Not only had the entire 6 inch polyp disappeared on it’s own, but the tests came back confirming that all cancer was gone. I HAD BEEN HEALED.