Review | Outrageous Courage by Kris & Jason Vallotton


Outrageous Courage by Kris & Jason Vallotton
What God Can Do with Raw Obedience and Radical Faith

Chosen Books | 2013

When a book comes inscribed with a warning stating the pages will “change your life” it better deliver. Outrageous Courage does just that. The book is a first-hand account of the exploits of missionary Tracy Evans, a close family friend of Kris and Jason Vallotton. Although the Vallotton’s authored the book, it is Evansʼ life story and she holds nothing back. From getting kicked out of the military for being evangelistic, to her current work with 900 HIV-infected orphans in Africa, she shares her stories in a raw and honest way.

The book reads like an action novel, a plot-line so thick that twists and turns that leaves you reading late into the night. Evans has seen the dead raised (she describes it as horrifying), she has battled tuberculosis and been taken hostage by rebel forces. She has been healed of countless diseases and seen provision supplied readily at each turn. Each story demonstrates how faithfully God backed her up when she had stepped out in radical obedience to His call. The book will cause you to shed tears, laugh out loud and definitely examine your own willingness to “come to the edge,” Evansʼ catchphrase for living outside of your comfort zone.

It is not the stories alone that make the book a worthy read. The revelation Evans shares on obedience, trust and fear are deeply insightful. The stories touch on life issues relevant to all of us - missionaries or otherwise. She wisely spends significant time covering experiences where she got it wrong and disobeyed God. While reading through her stories of failure it is easy to see that in the midst of her dark days God kept her safe
and He promises to do the same for us.

Kris and Jason Vallotton’s Outrageous Courage will spark a desire for an adventure of radical obedience to God who will provide.