Heart 4 | Prophetic Ministry


Releasing the Heart beat of our Father 

My initial response to prophetic ministry week was excitement; mixed in of course with various emotions including nerves. I had been fascinated by the prophetic, and admired how individuals were able to evidently hear from God. In the past, personally I had been encouraged by prophetic words spoken over me by individuals. I remember wanting to flow with the Spirit while I had heard others do so. I recall writing in my application form for the heart module my desire to grow in prophetic ministry for God to use me in sharing His truth and love. Therefore I was eager to dive into what God wanted to challenge me in for the week. I was expecting to be stretched which raised the level of faith within me.

The week was taught by Ivan and Isabel Allum and throughout the various classes I was drawn to the stories shared and I began to receive a greater revelation on the prophetic. My heart was hungry to know more and I was anxious to be used as His mouthpiece; speaking His words while coming in agreement with His thoughts. I had come to realize the simplicity it required to prophecy when in the past I would struggle in hearing what God had wanted to say over a specific person. However, prophetic ministry requires you to simply be still and listen to the heartbeat of our Father.

Prophetic flow comes through building a foundation - a place of intimacy with Holy Spirit therefore, pursuing His heart in order to become familiar with His voice and leading. Holy Spirit reminded me throughout the week, as we were encouraged to participate in prophetic activations, it is not about me and how I may sound while speaking. I was reminded to remain focused on the motivation of my heart, love is to be what leads me while I connect to the heart of our Father. I grew confident in sharing the words I had received from God as I began to understand that it was for the sake of the individual, for God to touch their heart for I am merely the vessel which His words flow through.