Advance 4 | Giving away Your Heart


Cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and discover the mysteries of His heart.

A lifestyle of prayer begins with setting our gaze on the man who cultivated daily conversations, thanksgiving and praise with His father. Jesus did not go about His day without setting aside time to be with His Father - to pray and converse with Him in the secret place. When you begin to imagine the ministry of Jesus you would discover that He lived daily surrounded by people desiring to be near Him. Therefore Jesus had to continually remove Himself from the crowds of people to be with His Father. I do not believe this was an easy task. Personally if I were to be surrounded by crowds of people continually I would have a difficult time removing myself from the consistent need of those around me.

This weeks’ teaching was titled “Giving Away your Heart” the lessons were focused on prayer, thanksgiving and praise. Holy Spirit revealed to my heart the importance of a steadfast and diligent heart when cultivating a lifestyle of prayer. However, I was reminded as well of the simplicity it requires when conversing with Father. 1 Thessalonians 5:6 states that we are to “pray continually” and therefore even throughout our day we are encouraged to be in continuous communication with our Father. Jesus spoke solely what He heard the Father speak and we can therefore do the same through the continuous dialogue we have with Father within our own day. This begins by the positioning our hearts. 

There were various forms of prayer we discussed which brought clarity for example simple prayer, supplication prayer and intercession. I have always been one who is passionate about prayer and therefore discovering Biblical references to various forms awakened in me a greater passion. Linda Dumcum taught the class and cheerfully encouraged discussion to share our own thoughts. She had asked, “what is prayer” and throughout the discussion Holy Spirit revealed to me what God had originally intended prayer to be. God had been able to converse with Adam face to face where Adam would speak to God and He would respond, however due to sin man began separated from God. Therefore Father has always intended and desired to converse with His children, we created and crafted for intimacy. Prayer is a means of communicating with our Father; to discover the hidden treasures. Thankfully because of Holy Spirit who lives in the fullness on the inside of you and I we are able to hear the voice of our Father just as Jesus did.

God longs to hear our voice and wants to know the desires of our hearts. He is continually waiting with an open ear to respond to our questions and or requests. There is no one who knows us better than He does and yet He chooses to want to know what our hearts are asking. He is interested in our contending because through this perseverance and faith is cultivated. This week Holy Spirit has been drawing my attention to what it means to live with childlike faith. As His child remember that it is His good pleasure and delight to hear our voice. Jesus lived in dependence on Him and we are to therefore trust that Father hears our cries and requests. There is power in prayer. Lastly, this week why not ask Holy Spirit how you can develope your lifestyle of prayer. Maybe focus on asking Holy Spirit to help you grow in one specific area such as thanksgiving, praise, spontaneous prayer etc.