Heart 3 | Healing the Heart


As you begin to uncover the walls built inside you, you realize the impact each brick has made in shaping your life. Healing the heart week revealed to me the depth and the root of various inner hurts which hindered His love from flowing through me. The week included various teachings given by Catch The Fire School of Ministry staff, a clear understanding was brought to what once was difficult to comprehend. Holy Spirit revealed image after image of past childhood and teenage memories and afterwards forgiveness became a key for freedom. 

"As I began to willingly open my heart He responded to my invitation."

I cannot pinpoint one main revelation God revealed to me throughout the week however, Holy Spirit did bring freedom and restoration. As I began to willingly open my heart He responded to my invitation. God desires to release and remove what once brought destruction. It is for freedom that we are free and daily He is after our heart patiently awaiting for our response. I did not want to miss the opportunity nor did I want to ignore what God had wanted to wash away. Surprisingly, Holy Spirit revealed to me areas in my life where I did not realize beforehand how specific circumstances and situations effected my heart.

"Freely I can rest at His feet knowing that I have been accepted through His grace."

For example, Holy Spirit gently brought to my attention how I had been living half hearted. I would open half of my heart to Him, the area of my heart that I believed I did well in. It was difficult for me to live in vulnerability before Him. I would pray a variety of things believing I needed to improve based on how I saw myself. I went to God expecting Him to change who I was, I had thought I was not good enough simply as me. In His presence I would examine my heart wondering what I would need to change before I could get close to Him. Holy Spirit revealed to me that I was living based on the lie which told me, I need to change who I am before I can enter His presence. I was doing rather than being. I therefore then chose to live in the truth, freely I can rest at His feet knowing that I have been accepted through His grace.

To allow God to have permission with your heart can appear overwhelming at first glanze. However, thankfully it is not based on your strength and rather it begins simply with surrender. As I surrendered myself at His feet humility drew me closer to self acceptance. Humility allows you to walk in your identity as you begin to understand to whom you already belong, leaving no more room for striving.