Heart 2 | Father Heart


Father Heart week is commonly known as a time of tears given that you are awakened to a deeper revelation of His heart. I was moved by the outpouring of His love and I began to grasp how vast His affections are for me. David and Faith Dalley taught the course throughout the week and I recall sitting in class embracing the beauty of the Father’s affirming love. His peace had surrounded me throughout the various teachings and my heart began to soften to the gentle leading of His voice. At the end of the week I was consumed by His love. I had therefore wanted to express the hidden treasures of His heart which were revealed to me. I sat on my bed ready to share my heart, eager to write the new revelations I had received throughout the week. Before I had begun to write I heard Holy Spirit ask me “what does it mean to be a daughter?” I paused and then begun to write what came to mind as I listened to the heartbeat of our Daddy.

 "No expectations are pressed upon her shoulders because He loved her even before she was able to walk or make a sound."

What does it mean to be a daughter? A daughter is a dearly loved child who is precious in the sight of her father. Her father delights in her with a smile plastered upon His face and when He whispers words of affirmation she dances to the sound. His words draw her to life and bring her spirit to dance around with an everlasting joy that cannot be stolen or shaken. When a daughter knows that she is loved she looks at herself with delight knowing that her father is well pleased with whom he has created. Her beauty is acknowledged with pure eyes while she smiles to the words she hears when he draws her close to his arms. Under the safety of His wings she can finally say I am accepted and I am loved for who I am.

No expectations are pressed upon her shoulders because He loved her even before she was able to walk or make a sound. He longs for her to find rest in Him because he created her for eternity. So, she dances in freedom with a peace that covers her whole being like a blanket that has wrapped itself around her. She has been set apart with a purpose and a plan to draw forth the nations to proclaim the same love which she now carries; a love that will set every heart free from bondage and heal every hidden wound. A new confidence is built inside of her, which is a deeper foundation that cannot be shaken. He has restored her heart removing what once brought discouragement and distraction. Just as water flows with the current she too follows her Father trusting that His right hand will lead her to a destiny.