Speaking Silence


We all hold something inside ourselves that others need, but are we willing to share it?

One morning I woke up with the Brooke Fraser song “Hosea’s Wife” in my head. For anyone who doesn’t know the song but knows their Bible, you’d probably expect it to be about redemption, being pursued by God’s love and forgiven endlessly, despite a lot of wounds and bad choices. That would be a good guess and it would make a great "Hosea’s Wife" song (maybe I’ll write it one day), but that isn’t what this one is about! Instead, Brooke Fraser takes Gomer (Hosea's wife) as someone who had something incredible but squandered it; and Brooke challenges us through the song to ask ourselves if we're doing the same thing.

She talks about “speaking silence to the seeker next to me” - saying nothing to the hurting and lonely person beside her who was looking for meaning in life. She talks about seeing “scars of searches everywhere I go”. How true this is!

Just one look around us (yes, even in our schools) and we can see hearts that have been hurt by relationships gone wrong. We’re surrounded by issues like drugs, alcohol, pornography, eating disorders and countless other things that people have turned to, trying to fill a gap or in an attempt to answer the question Brooke Fraser repeats: “What do I live for?”

“I have that something worth living for. And I know that they do too.”

Martin Luther King famously said, “If you’ve got nothing worth dying for, you’ve got nothing worth living for." All around us, whether we’re at school, work or hanging out with our sports team, there are people around us searching for meaning, searching for purpose, searching for something worth dying for, searching for something to live for. I know I too often respond to them as Brooke Fraser describes. I'm silent. I look away. I don’t ask if I can pray for them for healing because I'm busy or afraid I’ll look silly. I might avoid speaking out against a bad choice because I’m afraid I’ll be perceived as boring or religious. Yet I know the truth.

I have that something worth living for. And I know that they do too. I know that person is loved deeply by God. I know Jesus died so they could have relationship with Him. I have Christ IN me, the hope of glory. I have a promise of unconditional love, constant affection, protection, provision, healing, freedom, and a promise for eternity.

God challenged me through this song to ask if I'm like Hosea's wife. Am I squandering my life on meaningless pursuits? Am I throwing away opportunities to grow in my faith? Am I hiding something others need inside of me, because of fear, busyness or disobedience? He challenged me to be open to where He may have me share, to be aware of those around me and to be generous in sharing what He’s done in me and for me.

“Our thoughts, words and actions can all be used for God’s glory.”

I want to encourage each of you today that we DO have something SO precious and SO incredible that changes what eternity looks like. My prayer for each of us this week is the one Paul prayed when he wrote to Philemon: “And I keep praying that this faith we hold in common keeps showing up in the good things we do, and that people recognize Christ in all of it.” (Philemon 1:6 MSG).

My prayer is that you will have both an increased knowledge and more heart revelation of the incredible hope we’re living for, that you would be given divine appointments to be able to share that with others and have Holy Spirit infused courage to do so. Our thoughts, words and actions can all be used for God’s glory.

How can we bring hope, love and purpose to those around us today?