Devotional | A Selfless Love


“On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” (Matthew 9:12 NIV)

How can you love the sick?

Jesus was a man who loved without the expectation of being loved in return. He loved with the intention of revealing to people the true character of His Father. I have read this verse often in the past, however, while reading through this verse again I began to ask myself, "Am I loving even those who won’t love me in return?"

God has called us to live a life of love through first developing a personal relationship with His son Jesus. As we to get to know His heart and who He is, we begin to understand what it means to love in humility and selflessness. There are people who surround me on a daily basis, I can often pass many faces without giving it a second thought. However, God is searching for people who will choose to love His children who have yet to encounter Him.

We are to live from the overflow by pouring out the love that God has freely given to us. I want to challenge you to make it a goal to love the broken, hurting, sick, and poor. True love is displayed when you can give without expecting anything in return. God views every person equally, so ask Holy Spirit to give you eyes to view the people you encounter with the same eyes as the Father.

This week, why not choose to represent Jesus to the people you encounter, and to love unconditionally by simply resting in His arms.