Spreading Faith, One Tweet at a Time


Isn’t is amazing how one tweet or Facebook post from someone's phone has the potential to be seen by thousands, if not millions of people all around the world?!

When I think back to Bible days, Paul had to write letters that I’m sure were carried by hand and delivered to the churches all over. If Paul was alive today, he could let everyone know what amazing things God was doing in just seconds. Not only that, but stories like his survival of a snake bite, or any of the miracles God did on Malta. I wish I could have had my iPhone out, and immediately posted those to youtube. Can you imagine?

Well, we had the idea to give this a try. We want to start compiling the world’s largest online library of how God has transformed people’s lives. Not just the physical miracles either. God does so much on the inside, and we want to get those as well. 

Once we get some of these stories, we are going to shrink them down to fit in a tweet. That way, hopefully millions of people all around the world have to ability to hear stories of how amazing our God is, and how He can truly transform people’s lives! These stories will stir up faith for miracles in our own lives, and make it really easy to share with our family and friends online.

“Doctors said I would be in a wheelchair for life. God had different plans” - Chloe 

“I was gripped by fear but God has changed my life! If one man dares to dream and says yes to God, he can change the world!” - Simon 

“Anorexia and suicidal thoughts. He showed me my identity. He told me I’m beautiful!” - Kendra 

Now picture those amazing stories with a picture of the person. Now it’s not only somebody, somewhere getting some kind of healing... It is a story with a face. A real person just like me that has been transformed by God. 

How you can you help? Visit revivalmag.com/mystory to share your story. Send us an email, go on Facebook or Twitter, and tell us how God has transformed your life. Your story is sure to speak to someone else, letting them know that they are not alone, and God does have a history with making a change in that circumstance. 

So I ask again. Tell us your story. What has God done? How has your life been transformed, how has it affected those around you? Stay tuned on our Facebook pages and Twitter feeds for stories as they come! Our first goal is to get 1000 testimonies by the end of the year and from there... Only God knows!