Salvation at a Soaking Prayer Center


God transformed Simon's life in a way he never expected.

Simon met with God at a Soaking Prayer Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and he has never been the same since. This is his testimony of salvation:

Having grown up in a semi-religious home, I attended church almost every week yet I never grew to fully understand Christianity. We had some tough times in our family and it slowly led me to believe lies about myself. I thought no one loved me. I isolated myself from everyone which brought me nothing but depression and bitterness. I became very angry at God and threw away everything about Him. When I started to contemplate suicide, there was still a tiny shred of hope in my heart and I cried out to God to save me.

He did. I heard his voice. It gave me hope and some joy. But I still didn’t know who He was.

Years later as I was finishing my university studies, I began to sink into deep depression again. I would search for any spiritual answer to my life questions. What is my purpose? What is life about? Why are we here? But everywhere I went to find those answers, I had a feeling inside that it wasn’t what I am looking for.

“My heart was burning and I knew it was the truth I had been looking for all that time.”

In time, I came across a certain web page from a Soaking Prayer Center. It didn’t look like a “churchy” website at all; I wouldn’t have read it if I thought it was! But I ended up reading about Jesus. It was an article about everything from Genesis to the crucifixion and how Jesus is alive today. My heart was burning and I knew it was the truth I had been looking for all that time. So I decided to go and visit.

Surprisingly, it didn’t look like a church at all. People were gathering in a conference room in a business building. I walked two steps into the room when Goran, the leader, asked in a polite manner why I was there. I told him that I didn’t know. So I sat down while they prayed and soaked, and in my heart I started contemplating about my life. I told God that I wanted the truth and that I want to be His servant. Although I didn’t really know what that meant at the time.

“For the first year, I couldn’t put my Bible down.”

At that exact moment, Goran stood up and told me that God was saying to me, “You are my beloved servant in whom I am very pleased.” That was it for me. I started to regularly attend the Soaking Prayer Center and it became my new home. A new life had began for me. This was February 2006, and my heart and life dramatically started to change.

At the Center, I learned how to soak. Soaking involves putting on worship music, resting in God's presence and receiving His love, rather than trying to strive in prayer. We thought a lot about Jesus, salvation, healing, the prophetic, inner healing and other topics. Goran was grounded in the Scriptures, very gentle yet sharp at ministering in the Spirit. It was full of life. And it was my lifeline for about two years.

“I love His presence. I love Him.”

For the first year, I couldn’t put my Bible down. I read it everywhere, whenever I could. I soaked in God’s presence for many hours every day. It was a life-changer for me. Soaking took me from being a very distrustful, nervous, reserved and hurt person to being caring, serving, joyful and full of faith. God pulled a lot of strings in my heart and pushed a lot of buttons. It was very difficult but I wanted it all because it is the way to freedom and His presence.

“I am a changed man.”

I love His presence. I love Him. What I have learned is not to strive - to stop trying to live for Him and do as much praying and ministering as I can. I had quite a distorted view of these things. Instead, I now live my life as a son (righteously of course) and this alone pleases God. I just live my life and hang out with Him. and when it includes doing something, we do it together.

I recently graduated the School of Ministry in Toronto where I have continued to learn and grow in God. I am a changed man. My Father is with me and I know He loves me. He healed my depression and restored many broken relationships. He gave me an even bigger and more loving family than I have ever known. I am accepted and I have a home.

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