A New Breed Of Nation Changers


This is MY Canada, a new breed of nation changers.

I will never forget the first time I met someone from 4MYCanada. Their eyes held a spark of determination and in their words were dashes and exclamations of hope. As if they had heard a different report, they ran hard with a vision of a stronger Canada.

I soon found out that this person was a part of a new breed of revivalists God was raising up in Canada – a breed of young people that were meeting face to face with Members of Parliament and calling them to stand for the Christian ideals that have made it great. That same group has, in seven short years, had over 1000 sit-down meetings with our Parliamentarians.

"I felt faith shake off the doubt and disbelief"

I remember it feeling contagious as if it was a fire that also called out for me. A vision to see our nation make choices that would lead to a stronger Canada, not just for today and not just for my children, but for entire generations to come. It sounded like hope. It sounded like courage.

Pondering whether a stronger Canada was even possible, I felt faith shake off the doubt and disbelief, and I rose and believed it was possible. A strong Canada is possible. A righteous Canada is possible. A just Canada is possible. If not for me, for my children and for generations I will never see.

Legacy is so important and we must leave Canada stronger than we found it.

"He positions His people to be the answer"

In recent years, there has been a rise of believers answering the call of God to go into the sphere of national politics. Whether they work in the House of Commons, the Senate or the Public Service, they are emanating the life and truth of Jesus in the presence of the highest decision makers. They are sitting at the table of influence as policies are created, decisions are made and the voice of the public is heard. As Jesus continues to call sometimes the most unlikely of people, He has put fire inside of them for what is right, what is good, what is pure and what is noble.

Almost like a rumbling in the underground, I have heard and felt a value for life from conception to the grave. It is rising in Canada at large and also between the walls of Parliament. People are starting to ask questions, introduce new legislations, form committees and make favorable votes. It is this quiet cry from every side that says, "Life is valuable, it is to be protected. Life in the womb and outside the womb, life now and life to come." We join in with that shout and we continue to pray that Jesus would make Canada a leader in the life movement and that that we would give everything until that dream is our reality.

"He is calling you and He is calling me."

Sometimes I think about everything that is happening in Canada right now; all the ways the Holy Spirit is moving and all the ways He is calling people forth. I think about how He positions His people to be the answer. He is calling you and He is calling me. On the days where He needs a voice, He chooses your voice. On the days where He needs someone to show up, He chooses your presence. On the days where He needs a story, He chooses your story. He chooses you and He chooses me.

Let’s show up. Let’s show up for generations we will never see. Let’s show up because He calls us.

He is for a strong Canada and so are we.


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