Review | Undaunted by Christine Caine


Undaunted: Daring to do what God calls you to do

Zondervan | 2012

Undaunted, as the title suggests, dares to captivate the heart of the reader and leave you feeling exactly that: undaunted. I came away from reading this book in a flurry of one week which, mind you, is speedy with an 11 month old, an internship, personal life and husband, feeling challenged, charged and changed. I was empowered to take on my biggest dreams with God, all because Christine Cane, in 200 pages, fired an action seed into my heart to live in an undaunted fashion. Based heavily on personal testimony, Caine uses her life experiences to bring insight, healing and revelation on issues of the heart, mind and spirit. Caine candidly shares about her walk through childhood abuse, finding out in her thirties she was adopted and her struggles with fear, control and shame.

And if that alone wasn't gripping enough, Caine opens her book with an uncensored account of her first meeting with five women rescued directly out of the Eastern European sex trade. I was engrossed in this intimate account of the lives of these girls and how they had come to be dehumanized by their captors and, thankfully, later rescued by Caine's people on the ground with her organization A21.

Many times I was overcome by the impossible odds that were against Caine and her crew, which include her husband, to get A21 off the ground. An organization that deals with saving, hiding and protecting sex-trafficked victims is not a welcomed thing in the perpetrating nations. Yet through Divine Providence, a path was cleared, challenges were overcome and history was made in Thessaloniki, Greece, where the first safe house was opened. It's not hard for me to say that Caine became an instant modern day hero to me. This woman stepped into a daunting destiny yet has allowed Christ to change her in the process and now lives fearlessly, undaunted before God and man.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would. It is for the spiritually challenged, the weak at heart, the unmotivated, the hopeless and uninspired. And I'd recommend this book to anyone on the journey to finding their purpose and living completely in their destiny.