Review | For the Sake of the World by Bethel Live


For the Sake of the World by Bethel Live
Integrity Music | 2012

This month at Revival Magazine, we’re listening to the latest CD by Bethel Live, For the Sake of the World. It is a live recording, featuring Bethel’s well-known vocalists Brian and Jenn Johnson, Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger, William Matthews and Jeremy Riddle. Chris Quilala of Jesus Culture also features on drums. For the Sake of the World has a good balance of upbeat and slower tracks, including some of Bethel’s more well-known songs along with newer songs.

Bethel is known for its culture of raw and passionate worship, and I can say that this album shows exactly that. The worship is sincere and the lyrics are honouring, which leads me into God's presence with expectancy and reminds me of His goodness and sovereignty. Of the 13 tracks, my personal favorite is Closer, featuring Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger. Admittedly, it already has a play count on my Ipod of over 50.

Brian Johnson said the purpose of the album was “For the world to see us burning for Him”. If you love to pursue God in worship, soak in His presence or simply have a desire to grow closer to Him, this album is perfect for just that.

Prepare to encounter God in worship as you listen to For The Sake Of The World.