SoM Testimony | A Life-Changing Month


Five short weeks at Catch The Fire School of Ministry completely changed Jason's approach to life.

Jason Nutter came to the School of Ministry for a month in fall 2012. Here is his testimony on how that short time at the school totally transformed him:

I arrived at the school in Toronto at the start of September, feeling quite lost. I was having difficulties with most of my relationships, was not very motivated at work , and was especially struggling to feel close to God. I knew God was good, and that He had many blessings in store for me. However, the way I viewed myself and the outlook that I had on life prevented me from accepting any of these blessings. I thought the guy who decided to bury his talents did way better than what I could do. At least he got his capital returned! I did not believe that I could be happy or that I was good enough for God's love. I thought I would constantly let Him down, given any opportunities.

"While I always believed in Him, stepping out and proclaiming His love and power was something I rarely did."

Enter the School of Minitry. The 5 weeks in Toronto changed so many things. Many fundamental shifts took place in me during my time there. Though I used to understand that God's love could not be earned, now I truly KNEW it. I used to understand that God wanted to be close to us, I now FELT it. I read that God could heal. At SoM, God healed through me! I realized that to be a friend of God, a son of God, a lover of His people, it was no longer something abstract that would occur at some point in the future. It happens whenever you take a step of faith. Daddy answers and responds to every step.

"I have found a genuine freedom, as well as a hope and a future!"

After those 5 weeks in Toronto, I returned home to Singapore. The differences I felt surprised even myself. I still had the same job and the same relationships. I was still in the same country, living at the same address. BUT EVERYTHING WAS DIFFERENT! The same obstacles that I faced were no longer insurmountable. I found it impossible to keep what I learnt, saw and felt to myself. Colleagues and family members that I had been in close contact with for months and years were now hearing me talk about God. I even started speaking to acquaintances about God and His love. Praying one evening for my mother led to a deliverance of sorts. My extended family are Taoists, and are quite suspicious of anything to do with Christianity, yet I was able to lay hands on my sick Grandma to pray for her healing and comfort. To be able to do these things represented a large shift for me. While I always believed in Him, stepping out and proclaiming His love and power was something I rarely did.

I am really grateful for what the SoM did for me. It introduced me to Him afresh, and because of that, I have found genuine freedom as well as hope and a future!

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