Nurturing Your Uniqueness


What prevents you from expressing your own unique voice?

If I was writing an article, it would be a struggle to grasp the beginning, middle and end …it would be hesitantly written, wondering whether it would be good enough …it would not necessarily be grammatically correct …and there would be a possibility of talking myself out of writing the article, before I even started!

The Lie

Yes, I admit, all those thoughts raced through my head once I was asked to write this. My past experience all contributed to nurturing a belief of "But I can't write". All those experiences are circumstantially viable to forming this belief. However, I am conscious that this belief isn't one that brings life. It is a scheme at work that prevents me from expressing my own unique voice. Simply put, it is a lie.

If I wasn't conscious of this lie, I would probably feel like I don't have a choice. I would possibly be blaming my past experiences for determining my current behaviour of today. I would feel powerless. The lie would be tangled in hurt and unforgiveness. This lie would have attached itself to my identity; "But I can't write" soon expands into "I am not a writer" or even "I am not worthy to be listened to". When confronted, I would have a defensive and explosive response.

"I could only go so far before I would withdraw myself from completing."

My boundaries would be compromised and I would act like a victim, empowering being stuck. I would recognise other people stepping into freedom and passing me by. It wouldn't make sense. I would be in a cycle of enthusiastically starting on a journey, but defaulting back to the behaviour I knew, even if it was limiting. I would feel overwhelmed. I could only go so far before I would withdraw myself from completing, in turn removing myself from the joy of seeing my own success.

Of course, I wouldn't be able to articulate all of this, as I would not be conscious of this lie. But my self-sabotaging behaviour would be enough evidence that something was not fully aligned.

Now that I am conscious of this lie, I have a choice. I can continue 'as is' and stay within the constraints of that lie or choose to do something about it. It is still a choice - choosing to or choosing not to. It is intentional and directional. I choose to remove the clutter that has slowly built up when I pretended not to look. I choose to connect to Heavenly Daddy's abundant love and repent. I choose to forgive, release and bless anyone who has contributed to me forming this lie. I choose truth. I choose to see how valuable I am as a daughter, strategically placed in the Kingdom, here on Earth, for such a time as now. My voice is worthy to be heard and greatly missed if it wasn't to be expressed. I choose me.

My Uniqueness

In a non-article-writing kind of way, my uniqueness in this moment is this conversation. If I didn't know that, I would still be stuck on the first line, waiting, steeped in the lie that would hold me back.

When Jo Smith says CREATIVEcoaching, David Bonnet says "Life bringing and gift revealing"

If I was choosing a colour, without hesitation, it would be red …if I was framing a photograph, it would be the one that had successfully captured family love ...if I was replaying a sound, it would be the laughter of uncontrollable giggles from my children …if I was designing with a typeface, the font would be the beautiful mark makings of people's handwriting …if I was reflecting on a profound heartfelt moment, it would be giving birth and welcoming each of my babies …if I was wanting to get lost, it would be in the middle of a reclamation and salvage yard ...if I was singing a song, it would be the one that would provoke me to dance like nobody was watching …if I was yearning ultimate connection, it would be in the intimate presence of heavenly worship!

"This life is not about finding myself, I am the one that is being found."

Immediately and without any hesitation, I am able to articulate and express who I am. This is a tiny glimpse of me, my expression and a slice of my creative uniqueness. Have I always been able to convey this so succinctly? Unfortunately no. My heart was numb to life, dull to the unique flavours I was created to have and express. It has been a journey of healing love since the moment I tasted revival in Toronto at the Leaders School in 2003. Daily I receive love and daily I see transformation in all its glorious detail.

Your Uniqueness

This is my conversation with you. You may have already connected to something I have said or something I am about to say. You too are unique. You too are worth it. You too are created for greatness. Your story is ready to be heard. Do you know that? Do you believe that? Do you see that? Or does unbelief and one specific lie hold you back? You too can explore those precious authentic endorsements that solely belong to you. Why copy when you can have the original. It's not about settling for second best, but about finding your fit and your own mark makings. Heavenly Daddy's love just keeps supernaturally multiplying and supernaturally does not remove. There really is room for us all.

When Jo Smith says CREATIVEcoaching, Sheena Livingston says "Inspiring, nourishing encouragement that feeds the gifts already inside"

I love who I am and I love what I do. I love me. I value me. I believe in myself. I live in the fulness of what Heavenly Daddy has already created. Through exploring a world of possibilities, my identity and destiny is continually being defined and revealed. This life is not about finding myself, I am the one that is being found. It is a life of connecting to that which already exists. This journey is my adventure. A beautiful love story about revealing, unveiling and releasing into wholeness.

I get excited about those things that are yet to be discovered. I appreciate the answer 'no' just as much as the desire for 'yes'. I welcome boundaries. If I don't like something, I choose to shift sideways and see a new perspective. Although profound, life really is quite simple. I question most things from a place of curiosity, as I'm not afraid to ask why. I can open my heart to new things and people. I continually give myself permission to play. I love living my life and passionately sharing it with others.

"...explore the endless creative possibilities of seeing your voice being revealed"

I may not have mastered my article writing skills. However, for this moment I have nurtured the beginnings of a conversation. There may not be an orderly beginning, middle and end or even correct grammar, but the truth is, a conversation has begun. It's engaging with a supernatural flow of the beginnings of life.

When Jo Smith says CREATIVEcoaching, Beth Raynor says "Inspiring the true me to come out and fly!"

You are unique. You too can chose to become more of the person your Heavenly Daddy has designed you to be. Do this and explore the endless creative possibilities of seeing your voice being revealed. Be intentional and become aware of your uniqueness. Spend time getting to know you and protect what you value. I say again, you really are worth it. You really are created for greatness. Your story really is waiting to be heard. Dare to ask, dare to dream and dare to believe. What is it that you see?

If you need help connecting to your unique journey, I would be honoured to coach you. Email me at and see my Facebook page for details about what those unique CREATIVEcoaching sessions can look like for you.

I'm eagerly waiting to hear and see your unique conversation come alive!

When Jo Smith says CREATIVEcoaching, Bruce Vanden Berg says "Identity awakening"