Eyes Healed and Pain Gone!


Steve and Sandra Long visited Kingsland Church in Tiptree, UK in October 2012. Steve led a time of healing ministry, and first time visitors alongside regular church members witnessed incredible healing miracles. Here are some of the stories:

Steve & Vuokko Forster

On Sunday 7th of October my husband Steve (62) and I (60) attended a healing service at Kingsland church in Tiptree. That Sunday senior pastors Steve and Sandra Long were
teaching at the church. After teaching, Steve asked if anyone was suffering any pain. Both of us and many others stood up to receive prayers. My husband Steve had had a toothache for past 3 weeks and the dentist could not find a cure for it. I have suffered from painful knees for several years and had limited movement. My doctor had put it own to wear and tear and only painkilling medication was offered. I had recently twisted my right knee, so additional pain and discomfort was evident. Steve Long asked other members of the congregation to pray for those in pain. We had several prayers for physical healing, forgiveness of sins and prayers against evil spirits. I felt gradual improvement in the pain in my knee and very noticeable improvement in the movement. I can now bend my knee much more than I have been able to do for a long time. The pain in Steve's tooth improved and he says that it is 90% better than before the prayers. We are both very grateful and thankful to God, the healer.

Valerie Summers

On Sunday 7th October I was woken at 4am with sharp pain in my right eye. I had no idea what it could be. The eye was pricking badly as if something was in it. I couldn’t sleep and had to get out of bed and use the eye bath. When I woke again later it felt a little better but the eye was blood-shot and puffy and still pricking. Later during the morning service there was pain over that eye. I concluded that a small blood vessel might have burst. When Steve gave an invitation to anyone in pain to receive healing prayer I put up my hand for someone to come to me. Healing was not immediate but by the time I reached home one hour later all pain was gone and the eye looked totally normal. Praise be to Jesus! Thank you Lord!

Brian O’Neil

On Sunday 7th October 2012, my wife and I attended Kingsland Church, Tiptree for the very first time. After a turbulent year in the family, a thought evoking holiday to Kenya, and having attended an impressive Kingsland led civic service in June to honour and say thanks to all those involved in community based activities in the village, we both sought a new direction and guidance.

Steve Long told some inspiring stories and then invited anyone with pain to stand up for prayer. Being a bit of a sceptic in the past, I was truly amazed at what happened. Each person who stood, myself included, was encouraged to state the nature of their pain and then with the aid of fellow worshippers, hands were to be placed on the source of pain and prayers offered. In my case Pastor Jonathan, my wife and a fellow worshipper all placed their hands on my back.

I have suffered a spinal injury for over 25yrs and on this day, had quite a discomfort to my lower spine. At this point a strange sensation overcame me, and I felt a strong heat sensation to the lower section my spine, exactly where the pain had been. I could feel the tension disappearing and decreasing until a warm glow had replaced the pain.

When the prayers had stopped each person was encouraged to give an account of what happened and how they now felt. I was overcome by the experience, which has given me a new insight and a different outlook to the future.

As a result of my first experience, I have since taken a new direction and look forward to many more.

(Over a month later Brian’s back is completely healed and his wife Jean has also experienced healing of her macular degeneration in response to a prophetic word)

Maureen Morant

On this morning I woke up and my immediate thoughts were, “Oh no, not another healing service”. I have a condition known as ‘Familial Spastic Paraplegia’ which is hereditary. Over the years I have been to many healing meetings with great expectations but still come away in my wheelchair. I always felt disappointed not just for myself but for my friends who pray constantly. During this service Steve said, “Those in pain stand up”. I wasn’t in pain so I didn’t respond. I prayed for other people. After the service Sandra came over to me and asked if she could pray for me. I said she could and she started to pray for my healing but then stopped. She said, “God has told me not to pray for your healing, he says you re going to teach or mentor people, so can I pray for that?” I was thrilled at this. I wasn’t healed physically but very much at peace because I was not just a person who needed healing but a daughter with destiny and purpose! I went away a new person! The following week was one of the best ever as I prayed, fasted and enjoyed the intimacy of my Father’s presence.