Devotional | Following the Star


“We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.” (Matthew 2:2 ESV)

Who are you following this Christmas?

Since His birth Jesus has been followed. From the beginning, God has wanted us to follow Him and find Him and never the other way around. God never follows us into our stuff but always calls us to follow Him. Even in the garden God knew where Adam and Eve were hiding and He called them out to Him. God sent Jesus to be followed, followed to the heart of God, followed to the Father of Lights. The wise men followed the star knowing that is was the star of “The King of the Jews”. When the wise men did not find Jesus in the palace they continued on until they found Him in the manger.

Jesus the bright morning star (Rev 22:16), He shines bright for all the world to see so that we may follow Him. Follow Him to freedom. There are many things during the holiday that demand our attention and try to lead us down roads of depression, or debt, or loneliness. This Christmas, set your eyes on Jesus, follow Him to freedom, follow Him to the Father and find the greatest gift of all.

Following Jesus doesn’t always seem easy. We must rid ourselves of anything competing with Him, anything that does not lead you to Jesus does not deserve your attention. Set your eyes on Him this season and every season. Do not let the lights of the season distract you from the the glorious light of God, His Son. Every time you see Christmas lights lighting up a room or the sky remember Jesus, the morning star that never fades, the light of the world.