A Happy Christmas to All!


What are we celebrating?

“I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!” As we all let our inner child burst with excitement, and we count down the hours to Christmas Morning, I want to write about what we are celebrating. 

On Christmas morning, people all over the world celebrate the day that Jesus was born. Well, it probably wasn’t the actual day that He was born. Many people believe many different things regarding the legitimacy of December 25 being the actual anniversary of His birth, and studies have shown that... 

I’m getting side tracked and away from my point. People celebrate Christmas different ways. Christmas to some is an excuse to buy a bigger screen TV or that new Blu-Ray Holiday pack of Home Alone, or the latest offering from Apple. (PS. there is still time to get me one these! You know who you are!)

"What is it that each of us is celebrating?"

Others take the time to gather with family, and joyously celebrate with one another with fun, food, and scrabble. Some take time to visit with that crazy uncle-you-haven’t-seen-since-your-cousin's-wedding-4-years-ago but because your Grandmother has been bugging you for 3 years running, you cave and invited them over for Christmas dinner, secretly counting down the time until they leave, and you can get on with your life. 

Some spend Christmas Day preparing themselves for the 3am line up the next day outside in the snow waiting for that amazing Boxing-Day-door-crasher blender that they can’t live without, or they stampede into a mall, pushing, kicking and screaming just to get that 3 for 1 deal on socks.

"Just remember, keep things about Jesus."

There are also the minority that spend the day giving back to others. Volunteering at a homeless shelter or sorting out last minute boxes at their local food bank. Giving of themselves rather than giving to themselves. 

We all celebrate differently. We all have our traditions that we love or that we hate. We all give to others in the ways that we can, and we all can’t wait to start the 365 day countdown until next year. But why do we do the things that we do? What is it that each of us is celebrating?

Just remember, keep things about Jesus. Don't let the dinners, the presents, the shopping or anything else distract from the real 'reason for the season'. Spread some love to those around you, and say an extra prayer for those a little less fortunate. 

From my family to yours, Happy Christmas! 

How are you celebrating this Christmas?