Father of Lights | Interview with Darren Wilson

Interview with Darren Wilson, maker of the movies 'Finger of God', 'Furious Love', and 'Father of Lights'. 

'Father of Lights' was premiered in Canada at Catch The Fire Toronto, and while Darren and his team were here, we sat down to talk to him about making the movies. The trilogy follows Wilson's captivating journey from intial cynicism about what God is doing in the world today, to wonder and awe at the greatness of our heavenly Father and his love for all people. In this interview, Wilson gives insight on his personal journey, in particular his experiences filming 'Father of Lights' (including what it was like to meet one of India's most notorious witch doctors). He shares the impact he has seen through the trilogy on people's day to day lives.

Also, for those of you itching to see more from Wanderlust Productions, Darren gives us some clues about the next documentary!

**CORRECTION** Darren was not in Toronto for the filming of Father of Lights, but the showing.