Review | Father of Lights


The final piece in Darren Wilson's movie trilogy on the power, love and heart of God.

Father of Lights | Wanderlust Productions 2012

To call a film epic, really is to say that the film somehow blew my mind and everything I thought I knew about either film or a subject matter or both. To say that a documentary is epic is almost unheard of. This term is better left to those kinds of films that Hollywood puts out every few years. Brave heart, Gladiator and the like. So would I say that ‘Father of Lights’ is Epic? Let me answer that question in a moment.

Darren Wilson started this series of documentaries with ‘Finger of God’, a heart-warming look at God and the miracles He’s still doing today. The content was good, but I’m sure the filmmaker himself would agree, it was more through the eyes of an on-looker than a participant. He followed this up with the second in this trilogy, ‘Furious Love’, which improved drastically in cinematography and story; basically showing that God loves broken people in every area of the planet, no exceptions. In this film Wilson seems to embrace what God is doing in a way that was missing throughout the first film. We also begin to see the thread of what God is doing in Darren personally start to come alive.

This then leads us to his final film of this trilogy, ‘Father of Lights’. This film is a crowning achievement in Wilson’s career thus far. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. The story unfolds in great timing of highs and lows. There is suspense and laughter throughout. Darren Wilson has not only taken us on a journey into God’s extravagant love for us, through miraculous signs and wonders, but on a passage into his own life and walk with God. We see Darren come to life in this film. He gets involved in God’s business and the hunger in his heart becomes your own. I found myself so engaged in this film from beginning to end, without realizing that the expedition wasn’t made up by some slick Hollywood writer but a series of real life stories and interviews assembled after the fact! Maybe the reason I found myself so entangled in the story is because it was written by the Great Creator himself, I mean after-all, how could that even happen? “How could what happen”, you ask? And I reply, “If you want to know, watch the film!”

It’s safe to say that 'Father of Lights' blew my mind. I would give this film a glowing recommendation. Two thumbs way up! A must see… and all that jazz. As for the whole, “how could that even happen?” thing? Lets just say that you’ll know it when you get there, and believe me you won’t be able to miss it. I was literally standing on top of my chair screaming “Come on!! Come on!!” as loud as humanly possible. Only God could write something as amazing as this (with a little help from a man named Darren Wilson.)

Epic? Lets just say, I’m ready to say it when you are (which will probably be 96 minutes after you press play).