Melchizedek Blessings


What can the story of Melchizedek and Abraham teach us about blessings?

The Lord has been faithful with Marina and I in every step of the way, we have seen amazing blessings in our family. One area of blessing I would like to share with you is in the area of finances. 

There is such uncertainty with the current financial situation around the world. Many investors make false promises to see us become rich. If you are young and ask the bank what to do with your money, they tell you to leave the money in the bank assuring you that your money will yield profit in the long run. If you are nearing your retirement age they will ask you to put your money in aggressive funds to make quick return, but they’ll also remind you that the market is volatile, so they cannot guarantee if your funds will make money for you.

So what do we do when we do not get definite answers from the bankers and investors?

With a familiar story from the Bible, the Lord began teaching me the principal of receiving a Melchizedek blessing. It has immensely blessed me and helped me to stay away from debts or getting trapped with any investors.

"Abram had the gift of discernment"

In Genesis 14 we see Abram returning back from war, rescuing Lot and his family from the hands of the four kings (Genesis 14). On his return from the war the King of Sodom applauds Abram. The King of Sodom was ready to give all the exploits from the war to Abram, however Abram refused to take anything from the King of Sodom. Why?

On the other hand, the King of Salem, named Melchizedek, met Abram with bread and wine to nourish him. The Bible says that Abram gave a tenth of the exploits to the King of Salem but did not take anything for himself.

God began to show me that Abram had the gift of discernment and saw that he would receive a continuous blessing from Melchizedek. Abram discerned that the King of Salem’s blessings would go from generation to generation, yet the King of Sodom’s gift would only last for a season.

Melchizedek is the only one in the Old Testament who served as a king and a priest at the same time (Hebrews 7:1). He is described in Hebrews 7:1-3 as the king of righteousness, the king of peace, and a priest without interruption and without successor.

According to Hebrews 7:6-7, Melchizedek, who didn’t have “Levitical ancestry received tithes from Abraham [himself] and blessed him who possessed the promises [of God]. Yet it is beyond all contradiction that it is the lesser person who is blessed by the greater one.” (AMP)

God showed me that Abram discerned that King Melchizedek was the possessor of the promises of God. Abraham recognized that the blessings coming from Melchizedek were not seasonal, but rather generational, which means that God’s blessings will pass on from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to the twelve tribes and on to their descendants. In contrast, the King of Sodom offered a one-time gift that would only last for a season.

"We don't need lots of money"

This key verse changed my thinking about blessings. Marina and I changed our perspective on giving; we did not give to get a one-time blessing, but rather bring our tithes and offerings to the Lord, honoring God because he nourishes and blesses the labor of our hands. We recognized that he will continue to bless us and our children and generations to come. Normally, people tend to connect blessings with lots of money in the bank. But blessings to us include no sickness, no debts, no sudden attacks from the enemy, no anxieties, and no accidents.

Marina and I began to recognize that we don’t need lots of money, but rather we need to tap into continual generational blessings.

In 2005, we were in search of a house where our boys would be able to play basketball in our own driveway. Until then our boys couldn’t play freely because we shared a driveway with another neighbor. We were able to find a house that suited our needs, however the price was beyond our reach. Marina and I put the house search on hold for almost a month. One Saturday morning Marina had a strong sense from the Lord to visit the builders again. Since Marina had to be at work, she asked me to go to the builders. I picked up the builder’s old price sheet and went to find a new house with a private driveway that would fit our budget.

When I reached to the builder’s office there was a line-up to get inside. At the door they had placed pricing sheets. To my utter shock I found a price change.
I was looking at my old price sheet and the current price sheet; there was approximately $100,000 difference! The price for every house was slashed down by $100,000. We were able to buy the house we initially wanted. Every house on the block was sold in one day.

To this day, we look at both the price sheets and we continue to thank God for our huge blessing. You are probably wondering why a builder would give away $100,000 - I did too. My wife Marina always looks at every good thing as blessings because our father loves to see his children flourish. I on the other hand, with my analytical mind, was wondering why a builder would give away $100,000. (I thank God that he is very gracious with my analytical thinking and he allows me to explore his blessings in my own way.)

Here is what happened: a month after the purchase, I went to the builder to find out why would they do such a thing. Nobody in the builders’ office would tell me, except one lady named Joy who let the story out.

Our builder was not from our town; he builds homes in the northern part of Ontario, which is lot cheaper than the city of Mississauga. He was only building 45 homes in Mississauga, however right across the street there was 300 more homes built by another builder. The builder with 300 homes was offering more benefits than our builder, so our builder realized he would be sitting in the market for a long time. He decided to bring down the prices to sell the houses as quick as possible and was able to build the homes in six months. I learned from this huge blessing that God can change any circumstances to bless his children.

"...don’t seek God for your blessings, seek God and you will find your blessings."

In Genesis 14, God nourished Abram after he fought a war and favored him with blessings. God made him blissful and “joyful”:
Melchizedek king of Salem [later called Jerusalem] brought out bread and wine [for their nourishment]; he was the priest of God Most High, And he blessed him and said, Blessed (favored with blessings, made blissful, joyful) be Abram by God Most High, Possessor and Maker of Heaven and Earth.” (Genesis 14:18- 19 AMP)

Hebrews 7 provides us a picture of Jesus’ superiority by comparing Jesus to Melchizedek. According to Psalm 110:4, Hebrews 5: 10, Hebrews 7: 11, 15 & 21 Jesus is declared as a high priest after the manner and order of Melchizedek. If Abram received Melchizedek’s blessings in the old covenant, just think how much more can we believe for our blessings with Jesus as our high priest and guarantor of a new covenant, who continuously lives to make intercession to our Father!

Friends, if you are waiting on God for supernatural blessings, here is the secret I have learned: don’t seek God for your blessings, seek God and you will find your blessings. Knock at the door of God’s heart and he will open his kingdom for you; you’ll see the generational blessings he has in store for you. Ask God for discernment and it will be given to you to tap into the right source. Every time you bring your tithes and offerings to the Lord, look to him as the one who “nourishes” you and fills you with “joy”; do not offer to God your money in order to buy blessings. Let your giving become an act of veneration and reverence to the Lord.

As pastors, Marina and I continue to speak into our congregation to pursue Jesus (in the order of Melchizedek) and he continues to release favor and blessings over all of our congregation.