Review | Father Cry by Billy Wilson


Father Cry: Healing Your Heart and The Hearts of Those You Love

2012 - Chosen Books

After reading the cover and back of this book, I knew that it would be a book that would touch deep places in a reader’s heart. There’s a generation that is crying out for fathers and mothers, and that they need to know the love of the Father through people who truly know Him. The book describes how Christians need to step up as spiritual mothers and fathers to the next generation.

The style of the book is an easy read that’s tied around the telling of the author's testimony, while also looking over spiritual parents from the Bible's perspective. Billy Wilson takes his life story about his relationship with his earthly father and begins to explain some of the painful times in their relationship in order to show his struggle with understanding fatherly love. He then explains how this love was redeemed in his life. The aim of Father Cry is for each generation of people, as those who don’t know love, will experience it through reading, and those who know love will be called up.

I was deeply moved even from the first chapter as I read about the 'crying generation', and as I continued to read I found new revelation of God’s love even in my own life. Compassion was stirred in my heart, and as my heart broke for the broken generation I found myself wanting to share God’s love to those who were once broken like me. I relished in learning about how I could one day step up to be a spiritual parent to the broken just as many in the Bible stepped up to be spiritual parents themselves. I highly recommend this book to all people as it is such a good way of calling people up to lead, while also showing God’s true love for his children.

This is a book that will stir up your heart, it will show you God’s love, and it will call you into new understandings of the need for relationships between generations.

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