No Trace of Cancer!


A pastor from Tiptree, England shares an incredible healing testimony. God is moving all over the world!

One Sunday last February, Anita and Tony arrived at church at 11.30 – an hour late! They were desperately keen to be with us but like the rest of us they’d woken up to a blanket of snow. By the time they’d dug their car out and cautiously driven to the Community Centre it was getting late. The rest of us were delighted to see them and we invited them to the front to share their news for those who didn’t already know. Anita described how she had swung both the consultant and the nurse around the room when they’d told her the scan showed there wasn’t a trace of cancer in her body! She had a completely clear set of lungs and the breast cancer was gone too! She wanted to give all the glory to God for this amazing miracle. Only two months ago she hadn’t expected to survive Christmas but an encounter with Jesus had changed all that. The consultant was amazed and told her “you must have had help from above!”

I’d only met Anita once before when she rang me in October last year to tell me she had breast cancer. I invited her to come round and my wife, Sarah, and I would pray for her. When she arrived with her husband, Tony, she was clearly very depressed and with little hope. We talked to her about the Father’s love for her through Jesus and prayed for God’s peace and for healing and she left a little bit brighter than when she arrived. We met again the following week and the next week I invited her to the Sunday service to receive prayer there. She was over-awed by the service and she and her husband came almost every week since. 

Around this time I admitted that I could not guarantee her healing but could guarantee her salvation. The question I wanted her, and Tony, to consider was whether they wanted to face the future with Jesus or without. They both immediately said they wanted to face their future with him and gave their lives to Jesus! Shortly after that Anita was due to have a mastectomy but when she went into hospital she was sent home because she had a chest infection. She returned the following week only to be told her cancer had spread to her lungs and spine and there was no point in doing the operation. This was not a good moment, but we continued to pray. All this time she had not been given radio or chemo therapy, only hormonal treatment to slow the cancer down.

However, soon after this she announced that she could no longer feel the breast lumps and in December she was told her cancer was in remission. She and Tony raced straight round to our house with the news – Christmas was back on the agenda! After Christmas she had further tests and when she saw the consultant again she was told that there was not a trace of cancer in her body! Just this September she saw the consultant again and he showed her the lung scans before and after the prayer – the first showed seven cancerous patches, the second none. Once again he declared the miraculous nature of her healing. Thank you Jesus!