Happy First Birthday, Revival Magazine!


Reviewing our first year, and a chance for you to share your thoughts.

It’s been a fun first year. Let me share some highlights...

Altogether we’ve shared over 180 brand new articles with you, almost doubling the amount of weekly posts as the year has gone on. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to read and share your testimonies of personal transformation, salvations, outreaches and miraculous healings. By seeing the supernatural ways God is moving every day, my faith and expectancy has grown and hopefully so has yours. We’ve reached readers all over the World with stories from revival and living life every day with the Holy Spirit.

When we posted Carol Arnott’s video interview on the 10 Minute Worship Revolution in January, Ana Paula Valadão, a worship leader from Brazil saw a tweet about it, and shared it with her Twitter followers. In just two days over 500 Brazillians found out about the worship revolution - God was on the move! We’ve also been able to share a load of storieson how using a timer has helped others ‘pray without ceasing’, and how it has changed their lives. If you’ve tried using a worship timer, we’d love to hear how you are getting on.

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to read almost all of our archived articles from Spread The Fire magazine...it’s incredible to see how God has been faithfully moving in people’s lives over the years. There are countless instances of people being radically touched by the Holy Spirit and marriages, churches and families being completely restored. I suggest having a look in the archives if you want some encouragement!

We’ve also been able to connect with other ministries and share what they are doing. For example the National House of Prayer in Ottawa who are actively praying for the Canadian government, right where Parliament meets. They also have some great suggestions on how you can pray for the government in your nation, and really make a difference.

Revival Has a Face

One moment that is likely to stick in my memory for a long time, was interviewing Heidi Baker this September. As she spoke encouragingly about leaving behind an attitude of inconvenience and instead ‘stopping for the one’, it felt like my heart was exploding. (I was fighting back the tears and even completely forgot my questions at one point!)

After the interview, she prayed with our film crew, blessing us as a generation that ‘speaks media’. I was reminded of how important it is that we give people the opportunity to find out about a life of fullness with Jesus via the internet, and Revival Magazine is one way of doing that.

Perhaps as a throwaway comment, Heidi also said to me “You know, revival isn’t just about interviews and speakers and conferences. Revival has a face.” Revival has a face - what does that mean? Well, revival can’t be just about a website with entertaining articles and videos that inspire. Revival has to be about us. It’s about me and you encountering the living God and then encountering people with him, with his love in our eyes. Being the face of revival in our own communities. Revival Magazine is just a start - it is a way to be inspired and encouraged to live a lifestyle that is constantly renewed by the life of Holy Spirit - but it is not the end. We are called to be a “walking revival on two legs” (Mattheus Van Der Steen), and that means getting out there and loving the people we meet with the grace and love that we so freely receive from our Father.

My heart for the next year is that Revival Magazine would just be our platform. Perhaps like a gas station where we can be refueled, reminded and reinvigorated.


Thank you for being the most important part of Revival Magazine for the last 12 months! There’s no point in us doing what we do without you reading, watching and participating. We love to know what your thoughts are on the articles that you read, so please continue to share and start discussions using the comments box.

We are always thinking up ways in which we can improve in order to serve you best and make Revival Magazine the best it can be.

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