Catch The Fire Conference Testimony


An encouraging testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness at September's Catch The Fire Conference.

We came to the Catch The Fire conference with 2 other families. It was our first visit to Catch The Fire. Unfortunately, I made a mistake concerning our hotel reservations so when arrived, we found that we were supposed to be at the hotel the day before. We were told we would be charged for the 2 rooms for that extra night even though we were not there. That was approximately $250.00. I was sick at the loss of money and my mistake over the reservations.

"I always felt like I didn’t have enough time. "

At the conference, Joshua Mills had spoken on the first night about being generous receivers. Then on Friday afternoon, he ran a workshop on "Time and Eternity". God orchestrated for me to sit on the end of the second row. Joshua spoke about taking dominion over our time. This was key for my life because I have 7 children who I homeschool, I have a ministry, I'm a speaker, I do Sozo ministry and I write. I always felt like I didn’t have enough time. What Joshua spoke about rang loud in my spirit. I was so excited. When I saw Joshua pick up his resource of “Time and Eternity” to talk about it, I knew he was going to give it away. I raised my hand high throughout the whole time he was referring to it. When he said he was going to give it away, I spoke rather loudly, “I NEED THAT!” which I think shocked him. I knew that this material was key to my destiny. I spoke again, “I NEED THAT!” Joshua called me up and began to take the resource apart (it came in 3 parts). I said, “I need the whole thing,” yet he continued to take it apart. He told me to sow it to other people. I said “Do I have to? I really need this.” He told me to go and sow it. I thought he said initially that I should sow 2 parts of it, which I did, but I kept the book and sat down.

Joshua then told me, “Did you give it all away?”
I said, “No, I thought I could keep the book.”
He said, “No, give it all away.” I thought, “I can’t be a generous receiver if I can’t even keep it in my hands to receive it.” I love to sow and give but I really wanted that resource. Even so, I gave the book away.
When I sat down, Joshua said, “Do you feel blessed?”
I believe in being honest, so I admitted, “Not yet.” He then called his assistant to get $200 out of his wallet. I felt overwhelmed and began to sob. Joshua called me into the aisle and began to prophesy over me. All I remember was that he spoke healing over me from head to toe and something about a thousand times greater. I felt incredibly blessed. When the workshop was over, I started heading back to my seat and a man came up to me and gave me an additional $50. I now had $250 in my pocket. WOW!

"God was redeeming my time!"

My husband Rich, who had been at a different workshop, came up to me and I explained what had happened. He said with great emotion that God had returned the $250 that we lost through the mistake with the hotel reservations. Once again I was overwhelmed. Rich asked me what time it was and we realized that my watch, though still running, was 32 minutes behind. I have a solar powered watch that in the 6 years I've had it, has never stopped. God was redeeming my time!!! Alleluia! As the day went on, I knew that God wanted me to sow the money somewhere else. Rich and I started asking God what He wanted us to do with it, and He began to show me a few people to sow into. The first was a woman sitting near us from New Zealand, who I gave a prophetic word to. I gave her $20 and she was blessed since she had just lost money recently and saw this as God returning it to her. The couple from Catch The Fire who run the hot dog stand were raising money to adopt, and they were next on my “hit list”. We have an adopted daughter from South Korea so my heart was definitely in that. I gave them $50 and told them it was for the baby they were adopting from Singapore. My 17 year old daughter came to me with a book she wanted to buy called “Do Not Say I am Too Young”. I knew this book was for her so I gave her money to buy it.

Part of the calling that my husband and I have on our lives is to train, equip and release the next generation into their destinies. Between our family and the 2 families we were with, there were 9 children aged between 4-23. During worship on Saturday, I knew that I was to sow that money into the children with us, then to have them sow it into others. I told the children to listen to the Lord and He would show them who they were to sow the money into. I only had $160 left and there were 8 children we would divide this between. This is what happened:

"It proved to be a great opportunity to train and release children to do God’s work."

• Rachel, 23 years old, saw a Bible on a chair and felt that God wanted the owner of that Bible to receive the $20, but also for her to include her own $20 for the person to receive a double blessing. She watched as finally the man came back to his seat. She went up to him and said, “Somebody gave this to me to sow into somebody else’s life. God showed me that the owner of this Bible is the person I was to give this to.”
He said, “Wow! God is teaching my wife and I how to be generous receivers.” He told her that they were from Australia and his wife was in Scotland.
Then Rachel said, “Then you won’t mind if God blesses you double.” She pulled out a U.S. $20 bill and handed it to him. He was amazed and they talked a while.

• Grace, 17 years old, felt that she was to give her $20 to a teenager that she had already met at the conference. She saw the girl alone and started talking to her. Grace prayed with her and asked, “Are you ready?”
“Yes,” she said. Grace explained the $20 to her and she said, “Oh my goodness. Thank you.” Grace told her to thank God not her. She looked up and said, “Wow! Thank you! Wow! Thank you! Wow! Thank you!”

• Micaela, 15 years old, went to a man from the Middle East. She gave the $20 to him and he was about to ask why when Michaela said, “The Lord told me you should have this.” The man said he was a generous receiver and walked away.

• Anna, 13 years old, went to a South African woman who could not speak English too well. She gave her the money and although the woman did not quite understand at first, she was very excited and hugged and kissed Anna many times. She also asked Anna to pray for her 14 year old son. Anna left her saying, “The Lord loves you.”

• Noelle, 13 years old, was sitting with a group of girls she had just met. One girl was Sarah from Sweden, who was dancing at the conference and really captured Noelle's heart. When the group was starting to disperse, Noelle turned to Rachel and said, “I think I am supposed to give it to Sarah.” Rachel encouraged her so Noelle ran after Sarah to give her the $20. Sarah was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe it. She kept saying, “Thank you!”

• Lydia, 9 years old, bought a book on missions with the money and gave it (along with the spare change) to a woman from India they had met earlier. The woman began to cry, saying, "Nobody has ever done something so special for me.” She then began to pray for Lydia. The woman was going to India for a missions trip next year for several months.

• Jacob, 17 years old, finally gave his money away on the last night. Towards the end of the meeting he went into the bathroom where he found a man cleaning. When Jacob gave him the money he was deeply touched and said, “Are you sure?”
Jacob said, “Yes, I’m sure.” The man then said that he would be praying for Jacob.

• Jeremy, 18 years old, didn’t do anything at first. Jeremy’s mom offered to walk around the room with him until God highlighted someone to him. Jeremy saw a young, Canadian man sitting in the front row and told his mom that he was the one. He went up to him and just handed him the $20. The young man jumped up and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Then he started to prophesy over Jeremy.

"We sowed and God returned it to us."

Each of the children were extremely excited to share what God did and to hear the other children’s stories. It proved to be a great opportunity to train and release children to do God’s work. We thought it would be fun to bring money to the next conference we attend in order to once again sow into people’s lives through the kids. It has been spoken over us many times that we will go to the nations, and as we started by sowing into all of these nations at the conference, God connected us with people from Chicago, London, New Hampshire, Las Vegas, California, Florida, Ohio and India while we were there.

WOW! God is Awesome! But that was not the end of the story. When we went to check out of the hotel, we were not billed for the extra night of rooms. We sowed and God returned it to us. As for the "Time and Eternity" resource, it was sold out at the bookstore. I guess that God wants to teach me experientially.