SoM Testimony | Mimi


School of Ministry graduate Mimi impacts people back home in Germany with the love and power of God.

I left the School of Ministry in Toronto a year ago, and since then I’ve been able to experience a lot of cool stuff with God back in Germany!

"I got to know his character, and it completely changed my relationship with him."

In August, I was on a camp of about 2,000 people close to where I live. I got to do a seminar for youth and young adults about hearing God's voice, so I told them my story, what God has done in my life and how he speaks. I come from a traditional and conservative background. Despite having grown up as a Christian, I had never known God personally and I had hardly ever experienced him. During the School of Ministry I learned how to hear God's voice (even though I had been convinced that I couldn't hear his voice no matter what) and through this I got to know him for real, I got to know his character, and it completely changed my relationship with him. In the first place, it actually made my relationship with him turn into a real one. Hearing God's voice has ultimately changed my life forever.

So I taught the people on the camp how to journal (to hear God's voice and write it down) and we did a quick crash course on the prophetic. It's really awesome to see the things I learned in Toronto work in my own country with my own people. It was amazing; some people heard God speak to them personally for the first time. Many came up to me just to say thank you. Some told me that it was exactly what they needed and that they realized that they had heard God speak to them before, but just hadn't believed it. A girl cried when I told her that what she had written down was really God. Days after the seminar was over, people still approached me to say thank you. This touched me so much, because I love bringing the reality of God. We have heard about God here, we have talked about God, but what we need is to experience him personally. And that's exactly what has happened. Wow!

"Just 15 minutes of prophesying and Holy Spirit made such an obvious change!"

I got to prophesy over a few people at the camp. I had really missed it. I hadn't actually planned on stopping prophesying when I came back to Germany, it's just a bit harder here, as where I live, there's no one who knows about the prophetic, so I have to motivate myself to do it. The camp was a really good opportunity to get in the flow of it again. One night, I was on the ministry team, partnered with a girl called Theresa. At some point, a girl came to us for prayer. It's a bit hard to put it in words, but her face was, well, empty with no life in her eyes, and she seemed to disappear into herself. Theresa and I simply started prophesying and speaking out God's thoughts over her life. The cool thing is, even though I haven't been prophesying much in the past few months we were spot-on. The girl started to cry and cry and we just kept prophesying for some time. At one point, I thought that I should ask her what was going on. When she opened her eyes I was blown away. She was smiling and it was like there was fire in her face, and light and joy and peace were shining out of her eyes. When we talked, all of a sudden, there was such a hope and peace in her words. Just 15 minutes of prophesying and Holy Spirit made such an obvious change! I'm so impressed by what God can do in such short time!

"I think completely differently, I see myself differently, I see God differently"

The last time I had been on this camp was three years ago in 2009. It was the camp before I went to School of Ministry. This year, I was reminded of 2009 so much. It is so obvious to me what God has done in these past three years (while at SoM and last year). I'm a totally different person. I think completely differently, I see myself differently, I see God differently; I can talk about his goodness because I've experienced it, I can tell people what he's like because I've seen it in my life. I think differently about worship, about leadership, about people, about the future, about what I want to spend my life on, about what God is like, about what he is passionate for, about everything! I have experienced God. I got to know him (a little bit), and it has completely, ultimately changed my life forever!

I remember that I chose to go to SoM in Toronto because in the description it said something like, "Do you want to get to know and see and experience God for real?", and I thought: "I know a lot about God in my head, but I want to experience him and get to know him as he really is." This is exactly what I wanted. This is exactly what I got. It's exactly what God gave me (besides incredibly, unbelievably much more). It's such a testimony for me - You simply have to be hungry for God and he will hear your prayer and answer and bless you like wouldn't have imagined in your wildest dreams. I am so thankful! I can't believe how good God has been to me. He has heard my cry, he has answered me and he has blessed me with incomparably more than I could have ever imagined.

"...throughout all the times that were hard or felt over-stretching, I would not change anything!"

I don't want to give you the illusion that it has always been easy. For instance, during my second school I was struggling with a lot of insecurity that, I believe, God had brought up to deal with. I felt over-over-stretched and absolutely incapable. At the same time, though, I knew that God had put me at this place, and I can see now how he carried me through and how he set me free. Also, being back home in Germany was really tough in the beginning - not because the School of Ministry was over, but because my plans for the future changed in one day from going to university in order to get a good job to staying at home, depending on God and following him wherever he's going. I know, it sounds crazy, but I just knew that God was talking to me. And this was SO stretching. No one understood me. My entire culture is completely different. And it felt like there were 1,000 more things that came with it that totally overwhelmed me. However, I can now see how he poured into me during this time and how he strengthened my faith and invested in our relationship and how he really went deep with me again and set some absolutely necessary foundations. (Somehow you can often see this only in hindsight...)

So looking back, throughout all the times that were hard or felt over-stretching, I would not change anything! Seriously. If I had the chance to go back in time, I would not change any of the decisions I made since I got real with God, ever. I am so grateful for everything he taught me. Putting him first is the best thing anyone can do, and seeing what he has done in my life since, fills me with awe.