Review | When to Speak Up & When to Shut Up by Dr. Michael D. Sedler


When do we voice our thoughts?

Revised edition 2012 - Chosen Books

In life, it isn’t always easy determining the best route to bring change. We see things happening in the world around us – whether in our family, our circle of friends, our local church, our place of employment, our nation or even the world at large. New Rules, differing opinions and opposing views can often come into play. But when do we voice our thoughts? When is it appropriate for us to jump into a situation, and when is it best to step back and hold our tongue?

Whether speaking into a friend’s life or speaking against a new law - we need to weigh our decisions. Though our intentions may be to help - acting on impulse or acting out of fear can often bring unwelcome, unplanned or even unwanted results. These results can end up hurting us or the other party involved. We read into situations, thinking we know what is best – or that we know the whole perspective.

When to Speak Up & When to Shut Up is a quick read full of great references and reflection points. Whether going through this book on your own, or with a group, it is a great tool to bring a check to your motives and help you to grow in discernment for life’s situations.

Dr. Sedler has pulled largely from his own life experiences as well as references from the Bible, to aid us in our journey for learning when silence is golden and when confrontation is needed. The book is not only helping you to look at your personal heart motivations, but is also looking at how stuffing your emotions and viewpoints can hurt a situation. Each chapter is full of steps to help you to determine when is best to stand your ground and when to remain silent and let God do the rest.

A recommended read for all ages, When to Speak up & When to Shut Up is a well laid out book that allows you to reflect and grow from past experience and new perspectives.

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