Worship and a Tomato


I’m always doing things to deconstruct worship, the worship experience and what I think I know about worship. I can barely stand the thought of the interaction and adoration of God being limited to a song, a series of notes or a musical experience. Don’t get me wrong, music is one of my most favorite gifts God has given us. The ability to connect with him in music and give him adoration through music is amazing. Still, the truth is, God is everywhere and waiting to be found in everything!

"I love taking the time to be captured by color!"

So here I am, looking at this beautiful red tomato, popping off of this porcelain white plate, with the lagoon blue table serving as a background. It’s been raining on and off today and the color green from the grass and garden is screaming at us! I love taking the time to be captured by color! What a brilliant God!

As I’m looking at this tomato, I could choose to be captured by what’s in it … vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, E, zinc, and so on. I could express my gratefulness for all the health claims associated with it (helping with hair, skin, diabetes, vision, cancer and kidney stones).

I could focus on the smell! There’s nothing like walking past a row of tomato plants to get your mouth watering. For me, it’s the smell that tells me summer is here and it’s time for a BLT. God chose to add the detail of this fabulous smell to the tomato. He didn’t have to.

I could think about the possibilities with salsa, gazpacho, tomato basil soup, roasted/grilled tomatoes, red sauces, our famous venison and pork meatballs, etc. All of these possibilities somehow give a glimpse into God’s multi-faceted nature. He has so many dimensions and ways to enter our world.

I could most definitely think about all these things, and be overwhelmed by God if I thought on it long enough … but right now, all I’m thinking about is the color red!

“I know on that day, you knew your Son would shed red for me”

Red. Beautiful, brilliant, passionate, romantic, powerful, fire, blood, anger, courage. All kinds of things can be associated with or represented by this color. A few years ago, I recorded a spontaneous song entitled “Come” (found on my “Forever and A Day” live worship CD) that grew out of this kind of wonder.

We were at the tail end of another song, the band stopped, but my friend on keys held a sustained chord. I allowed the part of my heart that had been captured by the idea of God creating things like goodness, kindness and the color red to seep out. I began to sing questions like, “What were you doing on the day you thought up goodness?” “What were you doing on the day you thought up the color red?” Imagining that he must have known I would need redeeming, I sang “I know on that day, you knew your Son would shed red for me”.

When I ponder that reality, my heart is arrested all over again. Imagine, God the Father, and The Artist, dreaming up and creating the unforgettable color red (intentionally bright, happy, shocking, joyful, and piercing). Imagine him at creation, already visualizing his Son covered in red. I’m stunned! “I know on that day, you knew your Son would shed red for me”.

Years ago, when I first put that song out there in the air, I let it go and moved on… not realizing how many times it would give back to me. How a spontaneous dialogue with God in a song … which sprang out of just one of many ways I try to touch God, one of many ways I have disciplined myself to meet with him … would somehow bring me back to a sacred moment on my back porch.

God’s goodness … sitting right there in front of me. All locked up in that tomato.

What's inspiring you today? What reminds you of God's goodness?

This article is originally from Anthony Skinner's Blog. Check out his music and more at anthonyskinner.com